I don't know about you, but A.P. and I desperately need a vacation. A real, just the two of us vacation. And lately, I've been wishing it was in France. My heart lies there and I miss it so. It's been almost ten (!!) years since I was last there. That's the longest I've ever gone without visiting. I announced to A.P. that our next big vacation should be to Europe, namely France. I know in my heart he would love it, too. I mean, really, how lovely would it be to be in the French countryside right now?

You could prepare meals in this kitchen:

And eat them here:

Then you could lounge here and read an old book, a real, paper book:

You could take long baths in this amazing tub:

And then curl up by the fireplace at the end of the night with someone you love:

Le sigh.

(Photos via Miss Design)


  1. It's impossible not to love France, I could go there every other trip.

  2. I really love the clarification that you want to read a real *paper* book. I also love the idea of this trip and hope I find my future prince charming to share something like this with. Enjoy!

  3. that bathroom is delightful and i am stuck in the land of paper-books-only and still, so-far, happy to be there...but we'll see, the bookshelf can only take so much more of my hoardiness. :)


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