Marriage Mondays: Sexywear

Do you wear lingerie? I usually wear leggings or pajama pants and a tee shirt to bed, but occasionally I glam it up a bit. Don't we all??? Here's some pretty picks to spice up your wardrobe!

1. Sexy Black Chemise
Sexy Chemise

2. Sexy Nudes: Romper and Chemise

Nudes by martyj featuring a lace chemise

3. Sexy Lounging
Sexy Lounging

MbyM long top
€70 - welikefashion.com

Mimi Holliday by damari
£92 - harrods.com

4. Red Rawr
Red Rawr

Silk chemise
$88 - bloomingdales.com

Anna Beck chandelier earrings
$315 - couturecandy.com

Which one do you like the best? My favorite is #3. That's the librarian geek in me. : ) Hope you liked today's Marriage Mondays posts! See you tomorrow!

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(Photo via here; Fashion Boards via Polyvore)


  1. I think I like #2 the best but I'd take #1 as a safer bet for a new boyfriend (if I can find one, hum).
    The advantage of being single is that I can sleep in long pj's and socks and just not worry about it, since I'm ALWAYS cold at night LOL

  2. Ahh! I have a weakness for lingerie, especially anything vintage-looking. I really love that polka dot one you picked out! :)

  3. @Musing: I think you'll find a boyfriend with either. ; ) I love them all. Lingerie is so pretty, even if you're not into it. It's so delicate and soft looking.

    @Helen: I love the polka dot one the most in that that's the most like something I would wear just around the house. : )


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