The Big Announcement and Time to Breathe

So yesterday, I made a big announcement and I'm hoping you are as excited as I am! That's right, I'm taking submissions! I'm certain this will be a slow going process, but I figured why delay it. The details are up in a new page under the blog banner. Here's a quick overview of what I'm accepting:

1. Engagement/Real Wedding/Anniversary Shoots from Photographers - This one is pretty self-explanatory, I think.

2. Not the Marrying Kind Bride Posts - So for years, it was the bane of my existence that my mother had told me I wasn't the marrying kind. But now, it's like a badge of honor. And talk about turning lemons into lemonade! It's become the whole point of my blog! Crazy! Anyway, what I've realized along the way is that there are a lot of women who are "not the marrying kind" out there, too! Maybe you never pictured yourself getting married, maybe you are mega-independent and had a hard time meshing your life with someone else's, maybe marriage seemed fine, but once it hit, you didn't know what to do. Whatever the case, I want to hear from you. Here's how NTMK wedding submissions are different than other blogs. For one thing, you have to be married for a wee while before you think about submitting (at least 2-3 months, please!). For another thing, besides writing about all the pretty details and planning, you will also answer questions about your engagement and subsequent marriage. Think of it as a cross between Marriage Mondays and Dance Fridays.

3. Marriage Monday posts - Finally, I will also be accepting Marriage Monday posts. Each month I will post a calendar with the topics I will be blogging about the following month. Look over the topics and if you want to write a post, do so. Then, submit it to me via email. You can also click on the submissions page to get more details.

Fun, right? Please help me spread the word about submissions by tweeting, posting on Facebook Google +, or your own blog. I so very much appreciate it.

In other news, I've got some exciting and fun stuff to share with you this week, too. Tomorrow I'll be posting about a great promotion I got the heads up about yesterday. And Thursday I'll be posting my pictures from the Perfect Cup event in Chicago which I attended with my mom as a way of getting number 5 crossed off my list for 2011. Plus, I hadn't seen my mom in a while because I'm a bad daughter.

That's all for today. Yesterday was a mega-awesome day (10 posts in 1 day!!) and I want to give you time to catch up if you got lost in all the posting. I hope you enjoyed the Marriage Role Models Series!

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