Thank you for your interest in submitting to Not the Marrying Kind.  Not the Marrying Kind began as a personal wedding planning blog and has now expanded to a marriage/wedding planning blog, with random posts of my personal life thrown in for good measure.  Years before I met my husband, I was told by my mother that I wasn't the marrying kind.  While I was dating/engaged to my now husband I struggled with the idea of marriage and weddings.  For so long, I thought I was alone, but writing this blog has made me realize I'm far from it.  Now, I'm opening up the doors so that some of those other voices can be heard, too. 

There are a lot of ways that you can submit to NTMK.  Here's a quick rundown of the types of submissions I'm looking for:

1.  Engagement Shoots/Real Weddings/Anniversary Shoots - If you are a photographer who would like to submit a great shoot you just covered, I'm all for it.

2.  Not the Marrying Kind Bride Post - If you are married (at least a couple of months, k?  that's important on this blog) and would like to submit your wedding, then this is the post for you.  I'm looking for all you not the marrying kind girls out there who blew your own minds and got married after all. 

3.  Marriage Monday Post - I will be posting a variety of topics onto this Google calendar.  If you see a topic that you have strong feelings about, write a post and submit it.

If you have other submissions idea, we will need to talk privately.  In the mean time, please click here to request more information about specific guidelines for each type of submission.  And most of all, THANK YOU for submitting to Not the Marrying Kind!  I can't wait to read your submission!

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