Look What's Growing in My Garden!

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Last Tuesday, I was doing a little gardening, which has suffered many problems, but will hopefully start freaking thriving soon. The carrot/beet seed replanting was mostly a bust. The intense heat we had and then crazy storms were just too much. Our turnips and radishes are enormous though, and this week the beets started to get big and beautiful, too. Anyway, these veggies are in the hoop house, whose plastic has now been replaced by loosely hung burlap to keep the critters out and shade the plants a bit.

Last Tuesday was my last day at work before vacation, and I'd mostly wrapped up my projects. I had a couple of hours to kill, so I decided to go out to the garden and work alone. I sometimes do this, and I love it. I drag the tools out, throw on my gardening clogs, which I now just leave at work, and I just garden the shit out of everything. So this day, I was gardening the shit out of the hoop house, making sure that bitch was weeded, when I saw a clump of grass. I couldn't figure out why it was there, so I picked it up and threw it on the ground. I went back to continue with my savage, take no prisoners weeding, when I saw eyeballs! I freaked out and jumped backwards. A building security guard who was taking his smoke break near the garden saw me and came running. We peeked around and determined it was a nest of...something. We couldn't figure out what, though, since they were hairless and small. Their little eyes weren't even open yet. He went back later and determined from their tiny ears that they were baby rabbits.

I was kind of freaking out about what to do since this was sort of a nightmare for me. Since I took on this giant project, pests have been my number one concern and my number one frustration. I feel like Bill Murray in Caddyshack. But I decided I'm not a bunny killer, so I figured I'd let them grow up, accept whatever damage they did, and then gate that mofo when they leave. In the mean time, my team and I are having a ball checking on them. I've taken to calling the hoop house "the birthing center." And in my spare time, I make some awesomely crass jokes about bunnies breeding in my turnip plants. There seem to be about four or five, and their nest gets a little bit bigger every time I check on them, which is killing me on the inside.

Today when I went into work to garden, the mother was in the hoop house. I didn't do anything to scare her, but the second time I walked by to peek on her, she flew out of there so fast. I didn't go back to the hoop house after in case she was watching me from a distance. I didn't want her to see I'd found her secret stash of babies. But I have! And secretly, I like to think of them as my bunnies. Here are some pictures from this past Saturday, and the last one is from today. I apologize for their not so greatness. These bunnies picked the perfect location for their covert birthing center. They are right up against the wood, under the giant turnip plants, and shaded by the burlap. Also, can you believe that in less than a week, they got fur! I'll update you guys some more on the garden later this week.

(Photos by me!)


  1. aww baby bunnies, they're so cute! At my work we planted a bunch (over 100) of trees that were intended to become Christmas trees for the employees. Well, a bunch of bunnies have been eating their roots and they're dying.

    So yeah, I love bunnies, but not in my backyard if I may say so.

  2. OMFG you've got bunnies!! That's amazing.

  3. @Musing: I'm the same way. It's simultaneously making me happy to watch them grow and breaking my heart that the one of the biggest successes of my garden is being wrecked by them.

    @Kiara: They get so big so fast! I can't wait to take more pictures on Thursday. They went from hairless to covered in less than a week!

  4. I would love to know more about your garden project. What sort of dimensions are you working with and what all are you growing. I wish I had a job where I could garden part of the time!


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