Zazzle Now, Garden Later

Hi there! I'm trying to find out what works best here on Not the Marrying Kind, and I'd really like your help. I've created a short survey in order to get some feedback on what goes on with my wee small blog. I have a lot of lurkers that visit, seemingly consistently, but are silent observers. I respect silence on blogs, but if you could please break your silence in a completely anonymous way and let me know what you think of some stuff around this, here stretch of the internet, that would be oh, so wonderful! You can access the survey here and it will be up until July 15th. I will probably remind you about this on a daily basis, so please don't get mad at me, k? (PS. A.P. told me that nobody would fill out my survey. Help me prove him, and all men, wrong by sticking it to him. Seriously. Go here.) And thank you to those that have already filled it out! Your feedback is very helpful!

Guys, yesterday I spent the entire day setting up a Zazzle store. Vacation brain has officially set in! What's up? Check out what I made though! A whole line of "I give good pins" merchandise. You know you want it! Or you know you want to pin it! Check it out:

There's a bunch of other stuff in there, too! Mugs, men's burnout tees, mousepads, and a poster. All are of simple design, with the phrase "I give good pins" in navy, and in a pinterest-style font. My favorite is the button! Oh the irony of wearing a PIN that says "I give good pins." Pinterest would be proud!

Okay, guys, I'm off to go garden. I'm taking lots of pictures today (and the dog!), and when I come back I'll post a proper post with some gardening photos. In the mean time, go get yourself an "I give good pins" pin...it's $2.45! You can't beat that!

(All images via Not the Marrying Kind's Zazzle Store)

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