You Can Dance...For Inspiration

The countdown is on. Today, I'm wrapping up a major project at work. Then, next week, I have one more and then it's smooth sailing until my vacation! Sweet! I have so many things I need to accomplish while on vacation, and over the summer while things are a bit calmer at my job. The list keeps getting longer and longer, too.

One of the many things I want to accomplish this summer is to get our engagement shoot photos taken. I know, I know. We've been married over a year, so why are we just now getting our engagement photos taken? Well, with all the crap that happened during our engagement, and the fact that we planned a wedding in five months, we just never got around to it. Now, over a year later, and we still haven't done it. Part of my problem has been that I don't really know what to do in these photos. I thought about paying extra to ask her to go on our hot air balloon ride, but A.P. wisely pointed out that other than the initial photos and the end photos, they would mostly be landscape photos and close-ups. Plus, we might like a little variety, instead of just one setting.

So, lately I've been on the hunt to find some good inspiration. I know that normally on Friday dances, I feature a real wedding, but for the next couple of weeks I'd like to show you some engagement shoots that have been galvanizing me into action to get these pictures taken already! Plus, once this is done, I can cross another thing off my list! Woohoo!

This first engagement shoot comes from Rock My Wedding. The couple, Star and Kane, did their shoot in two different locations. Both are cute, but this half has me smitten. The photos were taken by Darren Wong, but the entire concept was created by Thaoski. I, of course, love the vintage clothes and look, but the idea of a bowling alley is so genius! Check it out!

Does your heart not melt at the sight of these photos?? Too adorable!

Today, A.P. is on a business trip, which means a fun drive to the airport for me later tonight. Other than that, this weekend I plan on chilling out with the hubs, grabbing some brunch with a friend, and perhaps working on my own little back porch garden. What are you up to? Whatever it is, I hope it's wonderful! Here are the rest of your dance moves for the week:

Best trash the dress ever. Period.

Love these Restoration Hardware kid's rooms!

Disney inspired eye makeup

A town with no roads

I'm considering making this while A.P. is out of town tomorrow night. This would have been my single girl staple, I think, if I didn't like to cook.

How to make a heart-shaped egg

The ultimate rainbow cake

Life without art

Why I really love A.P.

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(Friday dance photo via here; Retro Bowling Alley Engagement Shoot Photos via Rock My Wedding)

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  1. We don't do engagement pictures here, so the concept of having them taken a year after the wedding sounds weird to me. Weird, but lovely :)


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