Mother's Day

I had to write a post here that shows how much I love mothers since I'm bashing some of them on my other blog.  Don't hate me.  Instead, focus on the pretty brunch I threw for my mother.

(More pictures and all the details after the jump!)

I started by downloading these beautiful printables from Oh Happy Day.  Our dining room/other living space has a green sofa and a small, white table with teal chairs.  So at the very least, I figured they'd match our basic decor.  Then, I decided I needed a tablecloth.  I found the perfect tablecloth and runners at Target.  Then, I remembered I had this garland that I bought on clearance at Michael's.  It happened to be the perfect colors!  It ended up being a lot of happy accidents that made for the nicest Mother's Day brunch I've thrown yet.

I littered the printables around the table, made some good food, and let everyone enjoy themselves.  I offered peach nectar, pink lemonade, and orange juice as pairings with champagne/prosecco and vodka.  My brother brought homemade Bloody Mary mix and horseradish roasted tomatoes for garnish.  Yum!

I also turned the flags into a game.  I had them on the coffee table with a bunch of pens and instructions to family members to write their favorite memory, thing they love, or what they were thankful for about my mother.  Then, after opening a few gifts, she read them aloud.  It was a lot of fun, and a nice take home for my mother.  Here are some pictures from the day!  Enjoy!  And remember...I really do love mothers.  Go moms!

Did you celebrate with your mother or children on Mother's Day?  What'd you do?

(All photos by me!)


  1. Well as you know I've lost my mom and I don't have kids, however I always make sure I go put flowers on her grave for mother's day. It's not because you don't have a mom who's alive that you don't have a mom and you shouldn't celebrate, IMO :)

  2. How sweet and wonderful! And those quiches look AMAZING.


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