I'm wrapping up work before my vacation, and my mind is all over the place. It seems to have started this past weekend when I called my father this past Sunday and wished him a happy Father's Day. Then, two days ago, got into an argument with a friend about Father's Day being this past Sunday. The thing about this incident is that A. why did my crazy, old father thank me instead of telling me it wasn't Father's Day, and B. why did I make A.P. call his dad? Then, when A.P.'s father told him it wasn't Father's Day, why did A.P. not tell me???

Then, yesterday, I was unloading some gardening supplies from my car at work, and some of my team members were helping me. It was just about to rain, and I didn't want any of us to get wet, so I was rushing. I left the car idling while we unloaded the gardening supplies. Here's the thing, our car does not have automatic locks, so I am very, very much in the habit of locking the doors before I close them. So, I locked all the doors without thinking, and slammed them all shut...with my keys inside and the car running. And then it started to rain. Oy!

At first, I figured I could ask a coworker to quickly run me over to my apartment, which is like 10 minutes from work. I could grab the spare key, and the problem would be solved. Ummm, yeah...the keys to the apartment were locked in the car, too. I couldn't even call AAA because my phone and my AAA card were in my purse, locked in a filing cabinet, the key to which was also locked in the car. Double oy! Luckily, I work in a building with engineers, who I know and am friends with! So, I called them and asked them to please help unlock my car. They came with the kit, and then it started to pour. They worked and worked in the rain for 45 minutes, and soon after I'd called A.P., gotten our AAA membership number, called AAA and arranged for them to come unlock the car, the engineers got it unlocked! So I called AAA back and cancelled. Meanwhile, I was wet, and stressed.

Anyway, it seems that I am in desperate need of this vacation (which isn't even a real vacation since I still have to go in a few times for the garden/greenhouse). I'm so over doing work, and have gotten increasingly lazy. Plus, the closer I get to next week (I'm off starting Wednesday), the crazier I get about my bedtime. I've been staying up until really late and then getting up early. Plus, since I'm doing so much gardening this week while I wrap up my final grant report, I am dressing like such a bum. I'm a hot mess in other words. I look tired and I'm wearing sweatshirts and jeans. And since I've made myself ugly from the stress and exhaustion and now have dark circles under my eyes, it looks really bad when I don't wear makeup and follow my friend's advice, carefully concealing my under eye circles. I can only imagine what my coworkers think of me.

Part of why I don't go to sleep is another reason I'm losing my mind. I'm obsessed with Wedding Dash 4 Ever! I am not a gamer, but every once in a while, I'll get obsessed with a video game. I will devote all of my attention to it and play it nonstop much to the dismay of A.P. A couple of months ago, it was this game Chocolatier, where you make/sell different kinds of chocolates. Now, it's Wedding Dash, which is not the same as Chocolatier AT ALL. Chocolatier was really easy, and just required attention to detail. I was able to beat it within a week. Wedding Dash is easy, but stressful as hell! The guests are nuts and get really angry when you don't deal with them right away. Then, if you lose the level, the couple says rude shit like, "We should have just eloped. What a disappointment!" WTF? I bust my ass, get 300 points away winning, and it was a disappointment? Screw you, fake video game characters!

I bought the game from the App Store this past weekend, and now I've almost beat it. That means I've been playing whenever I can. It's obscene. I even started taking my personal laptop to work so I can play during lunch! I'm stuck on level 5. It's a bitch of a level, and it's taking me way longer to beat. It's driving me mad!

I've been thinking about all that I have to accomplish during this vacation and it's overwhelming. Many of the list for 2011 things need to be accomplished during this brief pause from work. It's stressing me out and really, all I want to do is lay around, watch TV/movies, and surf the internet. Still, less than one week from now, I will be doing a whole lotta nothing, and even if in between that whole lotta nothing, I have to do a little something, I'll just have to learn to get over it.


  1. You and your undereye dark circles do need that vacation, my dear! Come on, you're almost there!

  2. @Musing: Now I'm here and I have no idea what to do. [Awkward Silence]


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