I am going to have some of my time freed up this summer. Not a lot, but some. I have a lot of craft/back burner projects to take care of (e.g. scrapbooking, finishing up stripes photos, take engagement shoot photos, etc.), but I'm willing to throw this one in the mix because it's just that awesome.

Wee Little Stitches is an etsy shop that sells "contemporary cross-stitch" patterns. What that really means is that they sell awesomeness. Behold! The awesomeness you can create with the help of Wee Little Stitches!

I love, too, that they have wedding couple patterns that are customizable, as well as cute little couples that say sweet little things like "Est. 1977." Loves it!

I would of course have to learn how to cross-stitch in order to make one of these, but I'm betting my mother could teach me. Though, completing any kind of needlecraft project is not my forte. I'm still willing to give it another shot just to have some of these in my place. I'm especially loving the Pretty in Pink one! Which one would you make?

(Photos via Wee Little Stitches; Found via Fossil Blog)

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  1. Cute! And it's the sort of project you could work on while sitting and watching tv with A.P.


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