Wedding Wednesday: Simply Bridal

At the beginning of this month, I told you about some of the exciting things you'd be seeing on Not the Marrying Kind this month. One of them was a sneak preview of a new show on ABC, which is premiering this fall. If you missed that last week, you can check it out here. The other thing was a discount on a new wedding dress website called Simply Bridal.

The good folks at Simply Bridal approached me about reviewing their site a month or so ago. I was a little hesitant at first. Since I've increased my blogging to five times a week, I have seen an increase in traffic. This also means that I've gotten some emails in my inbox asking me to join this site or submit my blog to this site. So, it only seems natural that I'd be a little skeptical. Still, I decided to go have a look at the site. Plus, unlike a lot of other emails I get, this site wanted me to offer my readers a discount, which I really wanted to be able to share with you guys.

Now, I'm obviously married and therefore don't really have a need for a wedding dress. So obviously I haven't ordered one from Simply Bridal, but I have to tell you that when I was looking for a wedding dress, a website like this would have totally appealed to me. The prices are totally reasonable, and the dresses are tailored to fit! How much better can it get? It very much reminds me of the site A.P. used for his suit (which I may need to blog about next week to even things out).

Here's how the site works! You go to Simply Bridal and check out their selection of dresses. Once you've chosen your dress, you tell them your general size and order it up. Once you order, you're prompted to put in your measurements (have someone take these for you, okay? I took A.P.'s for our wedding.) Each dress is custom made to your measurements. They have a number of styles which you can choose from, and they create a dress that fits you because it was made for you! If your dress doesn't fit the way you like it, you can return it for a full refund.*

I also love that the site has many different options for searching dresses. You can view dresses by fabric, silhouette, by the type of neckline, or the train length. So awesome! Here are a few of my favorite dresses they offer:

If you are getting married and are still hunting for a wedding dress that fits both your body and your budget, check out Simply Bridal! They begin taking orders on July 15th! That gives you plenty of time to make up your mind about which dress you want!

And as a special bonus, Simply Bridal is offering Not the Marrying Kind readers 15% discount on their site! When you check out, simply put in this discount code to receive 15% off your dress: SAVEBRIDAL15. Remember, you can't order until July 15th, but the code has no expiration date, so don't worry! You've got plenty of time to make up your mind. Have fun (and spread the word)!

*Simply Bridal has a pretty fair return policy, but you should read it before you buy. Please don't buy a dress, wait 20 days until you've lost those last 10 lbs. to try it on, and then when it doesn't fit and you can't return it, yell and scream at me! I'm fragile. I bruise like a peach...emotionally and physically. Instead, be aware by reading and understanding their alterations policy and their return policy. Nobody wants your big day ruined because you glossed over some pretty important details. If you're too busy to read it, make your husband-t0-be read it. We all know he's not doing anything anyway.

(All Photos via Simply Bridal; Dress 1; Dress 2; Dress 3; Dress 4)

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