Men: Can't Live With 'Em, Can't Kill 'Em

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A.P. and I have been fighting a lot lately....about cleaning. I think if we had a maid to clean all the time, we'd honestly fight about once every few months. All our fights are about cleaning. I also think I'm stressed about a lot of things, and part of me knows that some days, between the lack of cleaning getting done and the overwhelming stress I feel I'm under to get a job, I take it out on him.

A.P.'s relatives are in town this week, which is partially why my blogging has suffered. Stupid "in-laws." No, but, I've been trying to get this place company ready and everything. I'm going to try to do my Friday dance tomorrow, but I may be on hiatus until next week. I start my summer job next week, too, so I've been getting ready for that, which is a pain in the rear! So many things to plan and do!!!

Anyway, if our arguments followed a script, this would be the script:

ME: Why didn't you clean XYZ?

A.P.: I cleaned it last month.

ME: So cleaning it last month means you never have to clean it again? And what about the bill for ABC, did that get paid? Why is your shit everywhere???

A.P.: Why is your shit everywhere? And, why are you always yelling at me about stupid shit?

ME: Because if you didn't do stupid shit, I wouldn't have to yell!

And then it devolves into nothing, and two hours later we're talking about Conan. Whatever. Sometimes, I don't even remember what we were yelling about, and sometimes I can't help but laugh. I'm a girl. He's a boy. I feel like 90% of our fights come down to that very issue. He deals with things in his boy way, and I deal with things in a mature, rational, logical, awesome, totally correct girl way. : O )

Does anyone else here have an argument pattern??

PS. I'm in love with today's photo. I randomly found it on some site, and it combines my favorite things to photograph: feet (hello! Friday dance posts!) and stencils. I haven't even broken out the stencil photos for you guys yet! They are extensive! I secretly wished that was my photo, but again, it comes from here.


  1. your attitude about arguing sounds very sane. it's impossible not to bicker about this stuff. otherwise you would explode eventually. i think anyway....

  2. sighhhhhhh...they are sometimes WORSE than babies...but that arguments sounds all too familiar

  3. Argh! We have the same fight over and over. It's gotten to the point where what used to be an all nighter can be hashed onut in about a half an hour. We fight about moving out of Chicago to the suburbs closer to my work. Obviously I am right.

  4. What is it with the cleaning? This 'discussion' is a firm favourite in our household too. Friends of mine have one solution - they have each allocated a room that is their responsibility... I am sure I would find this MUCH more frustrating!

  5. Yeah. Hank and I have more than a few debate patterns. Most of them involving politics, which is a very, very passionate issue for the both of us.

  6. My wife and I definitely have our debates, but cleaning is not one of our hot button issues. We both don't care for clutter and although she does a better job than me of taking care of little things, I don't mind helping out where I see a need.

    But at the same time, we've only been married for a month so far. ; )

  7. LOL I have this argument with my husband about cleaning on a regular basis.

  8. The man I almost married once glared ferociously at me because I dared to set a glass on his dining room table without a coaster. At the time, I didn't even know what a coaster was.

    Definitely a challenge when one of you is more neatnik than the other. Sigh.

  9. It's nice to know I'm not alone! It's taken me forever to post replies to the comments, but nevertheless, here goes:

    @mimi: i try to be better about picking my fights, but it's so hard. i do explode. probably more than i should.

    @sommer: they're not worse than babies! they ARE babies. haha

    @TheMaidenMetallurgist: of course you're right. boys are never right. : O )

    @zannaOOuk: We tried the one room per person thing. We tried picking chores we don't mind. The only thing we've managed to agree on when it comes to cleaning and chores is that I cook, he does the dishes.

    @Nelia: Luckily A.P. and I don't disagree when it comes to politics...but cleaning, music and movies are big debates.

    @Paid2Travel: it seems everyone does!

    @Don'tBeaSlut: I fear I'm getting to the point where my old "neatnik" rules are setting back in. His are not. Ah, well. All I can do is bitch. Haha.


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