Tiny Dancer

(these shoes are my new obsession!)

This might be a tiny Friday dance. I had my first guitar lesson last night, and my fingers are killing me! Still. After four hours. They're numb and it hurts to type. I hope that means I'm doing something right. How can I play Garden Dash and Pin things if it hurts to type?

This is the last week of my engagement shoot inspiration (You can view previous weeks here, here, and here.) This beautiful shoot was done by Megan W. Photography and was featured a while back on Ruffled. Megan is based in Indiana, in case you're in that neck of the woods and need an amazing photographer. I've perused her blog (as I tend to do before I post photos here), and let me tell you, she can capture emotion so well! Her photos are filled with so much love and are also gorgeous to look at. This particular engagement shoot was shot in an ice cream parlor, which not only makes for a beautiful background, but also is so romantic, no? Banana split for two? Share a shake? Such a sweet idea!

So gorgeous, right? Love her dress, too! Next week, I'll be sharing with your our engagement shoot plan (part one of which is for me to lose some weight this summer). We are probably going to wait until later in the summer when weddings slow down a bit to contact our photographer, but at least now we have an idea of what we want to do. For a while, I wasn't even sure we would be able to do that.

Anywho...this weekend is all about relaxing! We have nothing planned, and I'm officially on vacation. The only thing I'm thinking is that I might have to go in to water the garden, but that's easy. Did I tell you we have a nest of four or five baby bunnies in my turnip plants? I discovered them the other day when I was weeding the bed. Seems like a hoop house looks like a birthing center to the bunnies that roam my garden. What are you up to this weekend? Anyone doing anything fabulous?

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

I love the singer Ryan Adams. In fact, my goal song for my guitar class is a Ryan Adams song (Please Do Not Let Me Go from Love Is Hell). When I have a baby, will someone please buy me this onesie? It's making my head explode right now. And P.S. if you don't know who Ryan Adams is, please give him a listen. He's awesome, even if he hasn't made an album really since he married Mandy Moore. In fact, to further convince you, I've posted a video below of the song that made me realize he's awesome because he took a song I've never really understood or liked and made it super (excuse my language) fucking hot to me. This song is like porn for your ears, ladies. It's wicked hot!

Have you seen this salvaged wood wall that's been making the rounds? Pure awesome.

Mimi's response to this week's Marriage Monday post. Love it!

Some of these alternative headboards are so appealing, they're making me want to ditch my bed! I especially like the old doors!

I see a lot of maternity series, my favorite being this one. But I love the idea of doing this sweet little book, too.

Seven simple steps to an inexpensive wedding

I'm obsessed with braids (and proudly always have been since the time I tried to be like Monica and have braids all over my head), so I'm loving these summer braid trend tutorials.

The importance of showing up.

And don't forget Simply Bridal's 15% off discount code for Not the Marrying Kind readers!

And here's your Ryan Adams video. It's a cover of Oasis's Wonderwall, and it is beautiful. Enjoy the weekend!

(Friday Dance Photo via Seychelles; Ice Cream Parlor Engagement Shoot by Megan W. Photography via Ruffled)


  1. Giiiiiirl, I've got a serious love affair going with Ryan Adams. He's definitely in my top-3 favorites.

    There's been some really excellent stuff coming out of his European tour, so I have super high hopes for his next album!

  2. @Lettuce: Oh man, of course you would like him! You're awesome like that! : O ) I actually like him and Mandy Moore together. It fascinates me. However, I am not a fan of him not having any albums released since he married her. He used to be this prolific rockers, now nothing. It's driving me CRAZY! Here's hoping you're right about the new album.


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