Dancing Barefoot

Hi all! It's been an exhausting week, weather-wise. First, it was almost 100 degrees for two days straight. I work in a non-air conditioned building, people. It was miserable. Then, the temperature dropped to 60 degrees, and it was dark and rainy and cold. It's also been wreaking havoc on my garden. The wind and drastic temperature changes have blown a number of squash and pumpkin blossoms clean off the plant, killed one tomato plant, and dried out some of the leaves on the root vegetables. Luckily, it didn't do much else. Next week, I'm wrapping up my grant, which means spending a week in the greenhouse/garden, and writing up my final report. It's very exciting because I get to highlight all the great work my team and I have done. And boy have we done a ton of work!

Anywho, it's week two of my (post-) engagement shoot inspiration. This week, I'd love to share with you yet another inspiring engagement shoot by Rosie of Simply Rosie Photography, which I discovered on one of my favorite sites, Love and Lavender. I'm loving the use of nature in these images, as well as the plaid shirts the couple, Steven and Jaylene, are wearing. If you remember, I'm a fan of plaid. Plus, look how adorably in love they are. Sweetness!

Isn't that the sweetest? See that last image with the sweets wrapped up with a string? Perfect photographic metaphor for that engagement shoot.

So, this weekend, I'm delighted that I don't have much work to do. It will be like I have an actual weekend. Unreal, right? Other than that, A.P. and I have a bowling fundraiser to go to on Saturday night, and we're hoping to maybe catch a movie. What are you plans for the weekend? Anything fun?

In the mean time, here are you dance moves for the week:

Gorgeous antique wedding dress!

Love these bright, DIY tiered hors d'oeuvres stands. How fabulous would they be for a summer party?

The super talented Jamie Beck beautifully captured the CFDA Fashion Awards. All those exquisitely dressed people sort of makes my head explode a little.

Speaking of Jamie Beck, if you are familiar with her work, she does those amazing cinemagraphs. I happened onto this awesome tutorial explaining how to make some yourself. Check it out so that you can give it a whirl!

I'm loving this artist, Slinkachu's work, particularly his Little People project! This makes you take for granted the small displays of beauty that might be right in front of your eyes. Just ask Felix!

DIY Pie in a Jar. 'Nuff said.

If A.P. and I can't afford a real house, maybe we can live in this playhouse!

Finally, I'm not a gamer at all, but I got obsessed with Chocolatier a while ago, and am looking for a new way to waste precious free time. Got any ideas?

(Dance Friday Photo via Pinterest; Row Boat Engagement Shoot Photos via Love & Lavender)


  1. NO AC?! :-o
    Guess you'll be working on that '2011' list this weekend? :-)

  2. i was just looking at the cfda awards. photography is beautiful. you feel like you are there and with perfect vision. but while i look i think to myself what is wrong with that editor of bazaar? glenda something. that red hair does not look cool to me at all. and i am a fan of messy crazy hair. and that anna wintour is apparently so powerful her plastic surgeon won't tell her she doesn't need any more fillers or botox. sorry what is wrong with me today??


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