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Hi guys! I'll be posting the Marriage Monday post later today (around 4pm CST). I apologize for the tardiness, but I am sick as a dog. And I have to go into work, and do a couple of things, plus go mail off my final grant report.

I'd like to ask you a big favor, in the mean time. I'm trying to find out what works best here on Not the Marrying Kind, and I'd really like your help. I've created a short survey in order to get some feedback on what goes on with my wee small blog. I have a lot of lurkers that visit, seemingly consistently, but are silent observers. I respect silence on blogs, but if you could please break your silence in a completely anonymous way and let me know what you think of some stuff around this, here stretch of the internet, that would be oh, so wonderful!

You can access the survey here and it will be up until July 15th. I will probably remind you about this on a daily basis, so please don't get mad at me, k? (PS. A.P. told me that nobody would fill out my survey. Help me prove him, and all men, wrong by sticking it to him. Seriously. Go here.)

Ugh...the one day I have things I have to do, and all I want to do is lie on my couch and watch reruns of Sex and the City. Which, btw, I am rewatching from the beginning, and also which ties in to today's Marriage Monday post. Totally fun! See you in a bit!

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