Wishful Thinking

I keep telling A.P. that this needs to be our game plan:

1. Buy a relatively inexpensive, but big enough condo. Make sure that the monthly costs are not that much more than our current monthly costs so that we can continue to save aggressively.

2. Save for a house while we live in the condo.

3. Buy a house...outside of the city. A getaway that's close.

The thing is, we'd probably never be able to do this. We might, but it would be tough. So, a while back I suggested a slight variation in this plan. Instead of buying a house, I think we should buy land, and buy a prefab home.

Guys, A.P. is not into this plant at all. Which is why I keep pinning things like this, so that A.P. can see the potential in this plan.

(Photos via Miss Design)


  1. Love this, so sleek and modern! There are some super cute prefabs out there now.

  2. such a cool idea. is it too much work, is that why he's not into it? sounds like at least you are trying to be smart about $. it's so hard for us sometimes la is expensive and we want to do stuff and also have a house.


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