How Could I Dance with Another???

Sorry this post-Thanksgiving Friday dance is so late. I'm still recovering from my Turkey Day, which was not so great. But it reminded me of the the very first Thanksgiving A.P. and I ever spent together, which was horrible. I was nannying at the time and the parents knew the girl had been sick and still had me watch her anyway (something I would NEVER do to ANYONE). I ended up getting the stomach flu and throwing up all day Thursday. A.P.'s plans were to go my mom's house for Thanksgiving since he wasn't going home. Since I got sick, he ended up spending it alone, popping in on me once to deliver some Gatorade and medicine and then heading back home to spend the holiday by his lonesome. It was terrible and last night after spending the night at my mother's house with some other family members, we were reminiscing about it.

Truth be told, yesterday was a close second in terms of bad Thanksgivings. First of all, I was supposed to host Thanksgiving. I sent out an invitation at the beginning of November stating that fact. Nobody replied. I assumed that everyone was okay with it. Then, about four days before the big day, the one brother who was attending started in on how nobody was coming and there was no point in me making all that food. Then, my mother called me the next day and "mommed" me. In other words, somehow she decided she was hosting Thanksgiving and I agreed, but I have no idea how that happened. It was probably some awesome form of guilt and mommified reasoning and me not wanting to argue about it. Anyway, it soon became clear that my mother didn't want me to host Thanksgiving because she and her boyfriend and my brother were all on this diet and they couldn't eat a ton of stuff I would assumedly make. And so their plan was for the rest of us to suffer with their bland, crappy diet food so that they could stick to the stupid diet they chose to go on right before Thanksgiving. LAME!

And it was lame...the turkey was great, but there was no stuffing and no traditional cranberry sauce, both of which are my favorites. Initially my mother had talked some crap about making baked pumpkin that we could eat with syrup and crushed nuts (I hate nuts). Thank God that didn't make an appearance (she opted instead for store bought pie). However, about two thirds of the way into the evening, I got sick and spent a good portion in the bathroom. I was also exhausted, still recovering from my long (even though it was short) work week. I got sick between dinner and dessert, so I didn't even get the pumpkin pie I had coveted so much. The end of the evening resulted with us getting lost in the northern suburbs after dropping off my brother-in-law and me guzzling ginger ale from a one liter bottle. Fun. Oh, and besides the meal/evening itself, one of my siblings is in the hospital and I got into a fight with my dad that made me say, "Happy Thanksgiving, assh***!" and hang up on him. Awesome. So maybe not as bad as our first Thanksgiving, but definitely not great.

That's why I needed a good Friday dance. A really good one. And I found it. I love this wedding because A. I love the Beatles and B. I love the Half-breed Swede, who this made me think of. Secretly, I hope that one day when she marries, she'll let me help her plan a wedding just like this one! Wouldn't it be rad?? Carmen and Pete love The Beatles so, so much that they made their music and the band the theme of the wedding. Such a neat idea and executed so well. Jesi Haack Design, a favorite of mine (they also did the Johnny Cash themed wedding I featured a few weeks ago), designed the awesome wedding and the whimsical photos were done by Ashley Rose. Check it out!

Don't you love it? Doesn't it make you hum your favorite Beatles tune?? (Mine is "Here Comes the Sun"! What's yours?) Le sigh.

So, this is a nice long weekend for us. We were off yesterday, again today, and of course the regular weekend. That's four days, baby! I have a lot of work to do, though. But if I can get it done, I'll be halfway through my long term workload through mid-February. Then, I can tackle the other half, so that I can focus more on day to day stuff. Exciting! We also want to go see The new Muppet movie and I'm having dinner and drinks with Rev/Rach tonight! Fun filled weekend, indeed! What are you up to this weekend? Did you do any Black Friday shopping?

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

Imagine a beautiful English garden wedding

The true cost of a wedding. Yikes!

DIY Shift Dress from Martha

I should so do this for my godmother when she turns 90 next year!

File this away for next year: Chow's Best Thanksgiving recipes

Imagine sleeping and dreaming in this!

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(Friday dance photo via here; Carmen and Pete's Beatles Themed Wedding Photographed by Ashley Rose Photography via Green Wedding Shoes here and here)


  1. Meh :((( Sending you <3 and we need to catch up!

  2. I'm so sorry you had a hard day! I hope today is better. <3


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