Wedding Wednesday: Destination Wedding Inspiration

Not gonna lie...if my wedding photos looked like this, I probably wouldn't hate destination weddings so much. : )

Here's the thing...I hate destination weddings. I do. I think they are selfish and asinine. However, there is a way to pull off a destination wedding and not be an ass. It's actually really simple, too. Basically, you don't get mad when people don't show and you have a hometown reception for those that couldn't be with you. Oh, and don't have your destination wedding on a holiday weekend. There's nothing I hate more than giving up my three-day weekends for a wedding. And I know I'm not alone.

Still, when I see things like this, I can't help but think maybe a destination wedding could be fun. Imagine if A.P. and I had married in France! That would have been a-maz-ing! So in honor of the what ifs, wish I wouldas, and all the rest, here is a bit of destination wedding inspiration.

1. I love that all routes lead to love in this cute destination wedding invitation.

2. These are actually invitations, but I like them better as programs. What do you think?

3. Heart maps of the city in which you're marrying or of cities you've travelled to together would make cute table numbers for the reception.

4. Love these suitcase candy tins for favors!

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(Destination Wedding Photo by Benjamin Young III via ISPWP; Destination Wedding Invite via Invitation Crush; Passport Wedding Invitation Photo via Inviting Design Studio's etsy shop; Heart City Map Photo via Pinterest; Suitcase Candy Favors via ProjectWedding)

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