Marriage Mondays: What do you like to get sexy to?

When it comes to sex, I'm pretty simple. I've never been a girl who needed candles and romantic music and the whole shebang (pun INTENDED). I always joke with A.P. that he got so lucky, that in so very many ways, I'm super low maintenance.

If I had to choose, though, I'd want twinkle lights and the soft scent of vanilla. And maybe Wonderwall by Ryan Adams playing in the background. (That song is sexy to me. : ) )

After all, a romantic bedroom, or better yet a secret nook never hurt anyone...

What gets you in the mood? Do you like candles and romance? Or can you do without it?

Check back later for one more Marriage Mondays post! Yay!

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(Photo 1 via here; Romantic Bedroom via here; Paul and Joanne via here)

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