Dancing with Tears in My Eyes

This has been a stressful, but super exciting week! A.P. and I have taken on a new endeavor, which I will report on more fully next week. And it's tiring, but so much fun. It's lifted our hearts in a way we really needed. I can't wait to share more next week. : ) Other than that, I'm having a heard time believing that November is almost over. Where is time flying to these days?

This week's wedding is from the other side of the pond. Steve and Vicky's wedding is a gorgeous affair photographed by The Barbers. Once again, it features such emotion (and goofiness) that I couldn't help but feature it this week. I love that in one moment they were crying and in the next, they were having such joyous fun. It's really how all wedding photographs should look. Enjoy!

Is that not an elegant affair? Usually I'm not a big fan of traditional weddings...I like a little oddball stuff thrown in here and there. But every once in a while, I come across a lovely wedding like that and I can't help it. Plus, I'm not gonna lie...the wedding had me at the pants down shot. Hilarious!

This weekend, A.P. and I are planning on working on our new endeavor. We're also prepping for Turkey Day and I have to go in to work on Saturday. Yuck. Other than that, we're relaxing before the holiday madness kicks off. What are you planning on doing? Something rad, I hope! Enjoy the weekend, party people!

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week!

Use buttons as earring organizers and so many other nifty uses for household items

One day, A.P. will teach our child to do this same thing

Plus...check back next week for the rest of the Thanksgiving recipe series, our newest endeavor, and a Marriage Monday post on whether you need that little piece of paper or not. : )

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(Friday dance photo via here; Steve and Vicky's Wye Valley Wedding photographed by The Barbers via Rock My Wedding)

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