Sharing Is Caring (So Is Subscribing!)

Hi all! A fresh, new post will be up later this afternoon (check back around 10am CST), but first, some maintenance.

First up, I finally fixed the share buttons on the blog so that now you can email posts, blog about them, tweet about them, post about them on Facebook or Google Buzz, and +1 me on Google +. The buttons can all be found at the bottom of each post, next to comments link (see picture below). So, feel free to tweet, blog, and facebook/google it up to your heart's content!

Speaking of Google +, I'm on there. Are you? If you are, feel free to add me as a friend! I'm still learning how the damn thing works, so if you friend me, you'll have to forgive my inexperience.

Finally, if you don't already, have you considered subscribing to Not the Marrying Kind? If you've never really subscribed to a blog before, you're in good company. I was scared to do this for a long time, but now I have several blogs I read in Google Reader. It's awesome. I no longer have to check back to see if a blogger has updated. When they do, it automatically updates in your Reader. I highly encourage you to subscribe if you haven't already. And there are oh, so many ways you can do so! You can use the drop down menu on the right under "Get Updates On" to either subscribe via RSS to posts or comments or both! Or you can subscribe via email right below by entering in your super top secret email addresses. Finally, if you have a blogger account, you can add me to your reading list on the dashboard by cutting and pasting the URL for NTMK into the window that pops up when you click the "add" button. See? So many ways you can get updates on posts that way you don't miss one boring moment of my life!

Also, you can always keep up with me on twitter, pinterest, and polyvore, too! So go, go subscribe, follow, tweet, and whatever else your heart desires! I promise I'll do my part to say stupid, useless crap like how according to klout, I'm quite influential about The Bachelorette.

See you soon, my sweets!

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