Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Parties

Years ago, I was at a friend's housewarming party. I was sitting in the yard talking to my friend's wife, along with her two sister-in-laws and eventually we landed on the topic of bachelorette parties. I declared that I would not be having one. Immediately I was treated like a freak. First, they rallied. They told me how much fun it is and how necessary it is. Then, when I still didn't give in to the peer pressure, they put me down in typical Mean Girls fashion (see below).

Truth be told, I've never really understood bachelorette parties. Or at least, I've never understood how bachelorette parties became what they are now. I've never understood being a mature adult who doesn't get totally wasted all the time only to get totally wasted. And not just that. The ridiculous sexual stuff that enters into bachelorette parties like bl**job shots, strippers, and, you know, anything with a plastic penis attached to it has always blown my mind, too. Needless to say I didn't really envision that for myself. I'm not that girl. I'm foul mouthed and dirty, but I don't do bl**job shots. I'm a freaking lady, for goodness' sake!

In the end, I did have a bachelorette party of sorts, but it wasn't typical fare by any means. My girlfriends came over to my place and we made cocktails and ate raclette. We were going to watch wedding themed movies and TV episodes, but ended up gabbing the whole night. It was fun to hang out with my girlfriends and have some fun. For me, that was the benefit of my "bachelorette party" - an opportunity to spend time with my closest friends, people I've known all of my adult life some of my youth, too. It wasn't about getting hammered, acting like I'm still single, or being out until all hours of the night. It was just about hanging with my lady friends one last time, just us, with good food and good conversation. Sure, I could do it any old time, but it felt special to do it one week before the wedding.

How do you feel about bachelorette parties? Would you/Did you have one? Are you glad you did?

One of my favorite scenes in Mean Girls:

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for writing that, I HATE bachelorette parties with a passion (and I make sure all my friends know that!). Especially the way they happen here these days, I feel like it's waiting to be abducted by your girlfriends to go through a day of immature humiliating tricks (and apparently, the more you hate what you're asked to do, the better). That's totally masochistic - I VOTE AGAINST THAT!
    I might say yes to a nice evening at movies dinner with girlfriends, but that would be it.

  2. When a friend of mine got married in Sept 2010, another friend and I organized a day of wine tastings for her (we live in the Carolinas, so there are vineyards and wineries EVERYWHERE). It was great, seven of us in a rented van being driven around by one of the husbands (who was a real trooper about the whole thing), spending time with each other, and talking all about the upcoming wedding (and the lifetime of marriage that comes after it). Hands down the best "bachelorette party" I've been to so far.

  3. We had one (together!) but it wasn't really the traditional 'bachelorette party.' One of our friends DID make a 'dirty cake' as a joke (even more funny, because we're both girls) but mostly we rented a hotel room with a bunch of our friends, listened to music, drank margaritas, and watched the first Twilight movie with the rifftrack. It was a lot of fun. Actually, it sounds a lot like yours (but with more Twilight... Hah.)

  4. I LOVED my Bachlorette party. I think it was one of the best nights I've had. A group of us rented a hotel room, went out for dinner, drinks and then dancing. No penis necklaces, no body shots, no strippers, or grinding on creepy guys. Just us girls having a great night together.

  5. @Musing: I think that's what it should really be. Some down time with girlfriends that is all about the fun and getting your mind off the stress. Anything else would have been too much for me.

    @Retired: Wine tasting sounds like a blast! If I lived anywhere remotely near where good wine was produced, I'm pretty sure I would have loved something like that!

    @Helen: Okay, I guess I'll forgive the dirty cake but only because your friend actually made it and that is hilarious to me. Seriously, though, that sounds just like what we did, but as you said, with less Twilight.

    @Marisa: That's what it should be! I had mine one week before the wedding, so I was pretty pooped and not up for doing anything too crazy. But I loved that I got to spend time with my besties. : )


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