November Means...Holidays!!

This year, we are once again hosting Thanksgiving. This will be the third year in a row! Madness! Last year, since it was our first Thanksgiving as a married couple, I went OVER. THE. TOP! I kept joking that the theme was gluttony. This year, I'm tired. All the time. And so I'm thinking tasteful, simple, and delicious. I see a lot of pretty details (including our wedding china and new silverware!), simple but super yummy sides, and one beautiful bird.

Something I didn't get to do last year but really, really want to do this year is to send out actual invitations. Since it's already November, I'm thinking I better get busy on this! Here are some invites I'm loving. Which one do you like the best?

5. Classic Script Invites (also printable)

6. Library Pocket Invites with Envelopes - Not for Thanksgiving necessarily, but so, so cute!

(All photo credits are linked above.)


  1. I *love* both number four and number one. I guess it depends on if you want to send more of a casual, relaxed vibe (option one) or a more sophisticated, formal dinner party vibe.

  2. Love the first one - seems totally clean and modern.


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