John, I'm Only Dancing

Oy, oy, oy! What. A. Week. It has flown by, but not fast enough. We are gearing up for our end of summer fiesta tomorrow night, which will see a total of 30-40 people in our tiny, 1-bedroom apartment. It will be fun, but also interesting to see how all these people are going to fit in our place. I'm making a ton of food, including (but not limited to) stuffed jalapeno peppers, tres leches cake, and watermelon margaritas. I'm super excited since it's the first party I've thrown since I moved with A.P. in 2008. I'm a big believer that you should show up to a party and do nothing but have a good time. That means you don't worry about bringing food, booze, or anything else. All you bring is your big, bad self. But what that also means is that I'm NUTSO busy this week, cleaning, prepping, and I'll be cooking all night tomorrow night and all day Saturday. So, oy indeed! I promise to take lots of pictures and share next week.

In the mean time, I'm super, super excited because today I'm sharing Not the Marrying Kind's first submission! *And* it's a Chicago photographer!! Emilia Schobeiri (sounds like show-berry) is an amazing wedding photographer who I've gotten to know through Twitter. I was super psyched when she submitted this lovely engagement session to NTMK. Remy and Alex were photographed in Chicago's lovely Union Station (that's where I attended the Perfect Cup event. It's also where, if you've seen My Best Friend's Wedding, Julia Roberts chases down Dermot Mulroney after she kisses him and Cameron Diaz sees). After that, they headed to Evanston, a nearby suburb, to take photos at the awesome Grosse Point Lighthouse. I love, love this playful couple and their gorgeous Chicago engagement session and am super excited to share it with you. Enjoy!

Are they not the cutest??? Plus, I love their location choices! Union Station is the most gorgeous place! And let's not forget Emilia's amazing photos which perfectly capture this fun couple's love for one another. Thanks again, Emilia for submitting and for letting me feature your gorgeous photos!

Besides our party this weekend, I am resting. I still have a sore throat from when I went to Leland and because I constantly talk at work, it's not going away. I went to the doctor and was basically told I have to shut my big, fat mouth, which is nearly impossible. I haven't been able to sing in guitar class (or in the car) and it's making me really, really sad. I just want to sound like my regular, old self again. I miss my own voice. Ugh. So after Saturday, I'm going silent on Sunday and drinking lots of tea in hopes that I will get my voice back again soon. Cross your fingers for me! What are you up to this weekend???

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

Have you seen this awesome Google Maps proposal?? (Thanks, London Lizzie!)

I'm totally buying colorful pants (red specifically, which for me is a BIG DEAL since red is one of my least favorite colors). Are you into colorful pants this fall?

Back to school...vintage style. (And a big congrats to Rubyellen who just had her FOURTH! Another sweet baby girl, Glow!)

Did you get any of Target's Missoni line? I didn't and I'm still pissed.

Dip dye bags.

Paper doll styling tips.

This both scares me and excites me. (It reminds me of The Cell...did you ever see that movie?)

Maybe I should take the University of Chicago's Jersey Shore class. You ask why, I ask why not!

If you live in the Northwest Arkansas area and haven't entered yet, go, go enter Bettencourt Chase's free photo shoot contest. You could end up with some amazing photos taken by some super lovely ladies. Did I mention it would be FREE if you win?? So fun! It ends today, so go with the quickness!

(Friday dance photo via here; Remy and Alex's engagement session photographed by Emilia Schobeiri)

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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the photos! So cute. And have fun with your party. :)


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