Wedding Wednesday: Invitation Etiquette and Some Lovelies

Now that you've written your invitations, what will they look like (and when the heck should you mail them out!)? These are questions that plagued A.P. and me throughout the planning process. Like most brides planning their wedding, I pictured my invitations going out late because I didn't know any better and nobody coming. And I know I've had friends struggle with when to send out save the dates and invitations, too. So, in keeping with our invitation theme of last week, I thought it would be nice to outline the etiquette, as well as to share with you one of my favorite new invitation shops that has some super pretty (and affordable) invitations!

First, the etiquette. Save the dates should go out 8-12 mos. before your wedding and actual wedding invitations should go out 6-8 weeks before your wedding. Please, please, PLEASE do not be my friend who just got married this year and send out your save the dates 3 mos. before your wedding and your invitations, ahem, 2 WEEKS before your wedding. Especially if you have people coming in from all over the place. Out of towners need to be able to make their arrangements ahead of time and sending out save the dates and invitations in a timely manner allows them to do so. Plus, you just look like an ass. It's bad manners, and I know you're not ill mannered, so get 'em out in time, party people! It's key.

Now, the pretty. When looking for invitations, don't get suckered into the ordinary! Make sure you pick invitations that reflect your personal taste, interests, and look of the wedding. Here are some pieces for inspiration from one of the most lovely new shops I've seen around, Love vs. Design. This amazing (and reasonably priced!) site allows you to choose from some gorgeous templates, customize them, and basically end up with gorgeous, affordable invitations that look like you had them designed just for you! How awesome is that?? Here are some of their beautiful selections:

And for those of us who are already married, how exciting that Love vs. Design also has an expanding baby and kids section (announcements, shower invitations, birthday invitations) as well as a social and holiday section coming soon! How fun! Now if only they would make some cool personalized stationary, my life would be oh, so complete!

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(Photos via Love vs. Design)

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