When I was younger, I always imagined a home with an entire wall of books. My old apartment and my current home feature this and I'm not going to lie that it's one of my favorite things about my apartment. One day when I FINALLY get around to taking nice photos of my place and doing my home tour for you all, you'll see my wall of books. Now that we're trying to save for and eventually buy a home of our own, though, I envision more...I envision a whole room devoted to my books. An entire library. And in it, I imagine awesome posters framed on the wall of my favorite literary figures. Similar to a real library, but with less cats hanging from tree branches and more awesome art with a literary flair.

And so it was with that in mind that I happened onto the awesome Standard Designs. I fell in love with the London based etsy shop for its Recession Books, but then I saw the awesome author/artist portrait prints and could not help but bookmark two to purchase as soon as I find the space! The designs are not only well done, but also cheeky and hilarious. Check out a small sampling!

*Yes. Literart. It's a word I made up. You know you love it. Literary + art = Literart.

(Photos via Standard Designs etsy shop)

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  1. Not to continue my I-want-to-be-like-Marty streak, but I have always, *always* wanted a library. Like, a big one. Two floors, books everywhere, and maybe a little second floor wrought iron balcony.

    This, of course, is greatly undermined by the fact that I only ever buy ebooks anymore. That, and I guess, the fact that I'm not a Rockefeller.


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