Marriage Mondays: The Sweetness

One of my favorite things about being married is having a built-in friend for any and all awkward/sucky/boring/annoying/lame things you have to do. I consider myself to be fairly independent. I like being alone, being left alone, and doing things on my own. Always have, always will. However, there is something to be said for having a best friend to walk you through life. And that's the thing, A.P. really is my best friend. So imagine how awesome it is to get to do 80% of things in your life accompanied by someone who makes you laugh and who you almost always have a great time with! If you're thinking it's totally kickass, you'd be spot on.

Yesterday I had a work event to attend and even though I would have been fine without him, A.P. was kind enough to go with me. In fact, this is true of him in most circumstances and I'm always appreciative of it. Especially the work stuff, which almost always bores him (it's hard if not impossible for people in my profession to not talk about our profession when we're together). I probably don't always give him credit for this either, but I really do love that he's willing to do it. I try to do the same for him, too, even though I don't even understand half of what he and his coworkers talk about.

Ages ago, I had a work friend who had been dating/living together with a guy for YEARS. He still hadn't put a ring on it and deep in my heart, I knew he never would (and btw, he didn't. Last I heard she broke up with him, moved away and married a much better guy). But what drove me craziest was that he ALWAYS let her go solo to stuff. He never, ever, ever accompanied her to work events, parties, or anything else. It was so, so lame. She said she never minded, but I always felt like she was lying. And this is the thing, all of the other ladies we were friends with from work felt the same way I did about the situation, which is to say that we called that guy a lot of names behind his back.

The thing is, no matter what, I'm so happy that I get to share my life with A.P. He gets my sense of humor, puts up with my insanely bad potty mouth (I curse like a sailor, folks) and my bad habits. And I'm happy he's not like that old friend's man. I'm happy that he understands that even if he hates going to that stuff, it's important to be supportive and go. Plus, it makes me happy that A.P. loves to spend time with me, even when the time spent isn't a blast. How much more sweet could life get?

Do you consider your partner your best friend? Do you think it's the bee's knees that you have a built-in BFF to accompany you to horrible, awful no good events?

PS. Don't forget that this week kicks off submission! I can't wait to share with you the most beautiful Chicago engagement session later this week! Yay!

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