More birdies, more dancing and the name change debate

Tomorrow's post will be interesting. I'm off to the bridal expo with a friend. I expect to find nothing that will interest me. Well, nothing that looks as amazing as this place card setup from {scissor variations}, that is! I'm obsessed! They're the cutest little place cards ever...AND TOTALLY EASY TO DIY!! Yay!

Okay, enough with the birdies. Back to the dancing! We had friends over last night, so we did not practice dancing. We are hoping to do a little drunken dancing tonight, but I have a lot of work to do for my class, and since I'm going to the bridal expo tomorow, I think that I will end up working most of the afternoon and evening. Sucks. Four more weeks and then I'm done!!! Forever (or until I decide to go back for my PhD)!! Graduation!! Yay!! But that also means four more weeks of doing crap on the weekends. Boo-hiss!!

So, through random clicking, I found Joanna Goddard's blog, A Cup of Jo, which featured an interesting first dance. Okay...I didn't find it interesting at all. I thought I would, but I didn't. Am I robot??? Everyone who posted comments loved it. They all thought it was so cute. I've seen choreographed dances before, and they were funny. We probably have all seen this couple (who also appeared on Ellen). Now them I liked! It was funny, unexpected, and they didn't seem so...awkward. I don't know. Maybe I've become too cynical. I don't know. You check out the videos and tell me what you think. I think they're so awkward! I do like the Single Ladies dance, though. I thought that was pretty funny. It seems like the videographer had a thing for the lady in the bluish-green dress on the right! Haha! He keeps panning over to her.

image via A Cup of Jo

Finally...Sommer's most recent post got me thinking about my own name change issues. Years ago I got into a fight with both my mother and my father (it's a wonder they're divorced) about how I'm supposed to change my name and that's what I'm supposed to do. Please note they offered no real reason. Now it doesn't matter what my parents say, because ultimately it's my life and my decision. They already dislike half of the choices I've made, so this can just be another they'll have to live with. That being said, I always thought that A.P. was okay with the fact that I was going to keep my name. After all, it's my name. It's who I am. It's who I've been for 28 years! But the other night, A.P. asked me if I would change my name after we got married, and I again told him no. We didn't have a big fight, let's say we had a big debate, but it was still frustrating. I thought he was okay with this. I mean, does anybody else think it's odd that you change your name? My current career is based on this name. I want to be a writer someday (obviously) and I want to build that career on my family's name, not his. How do you reconcile the change? It's...odd. Truth be told, I'm not entirely convinced that men would do it if the roles were reversed.

Oh well...it's a decision to be made later. For now, there's just bad dancing and pretty place cards. Until the bridal expo post, ladies...


  1. Oh hey a shout out! :D
    MJ have fun tomorrow! and why does AP sound like J?!

  2. Haha! Because they're both men. They need to spread their seed, and they want to make sure that if that happens, everyone has the same last name!

  3. oh my god can't wait to hear about the expo. good luck.
    michael seems not annoyed by the fact that i am keeping my name. we shall see though, i would not be surprised if he is secretly offended.

  4. The argument seems to be: but it will be confusing if we don't have the same name! I just asked the boy if he would change his name to mine, or hyphenate his name. He thought about it for .5 seconds, said no, and I think that was enough to get him to understand.

  5. Confusing, my ass. It's all about domination, and bending us towards their will. Okay, that's not really true, but it won't be confusing. : O )
    Thanks for the comments!


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