Dance Fridays!

photo by me!

So, since A.P. and I are starting a new tradition (Dance Fridays! Yeah! Get down! Boogie!!), I figured it would be a cool thing to start a new tradition for the blog, too. From now on, each week you'll get a nice posting featuring different postings from around the bridal, crafty, DIY, pretty blogosphere. Old, new, cool, not so cool...it's a nice peak around. Dance Fridays. Get into it.

I would hope that by this point, most of you are familiar with Max Wanger, but if you're not, try Sarah & Dan's wedding on for size. My favorite is the one where she's blowing a bubble and he's doing some kind of crazy breakdance move. That whole picture seems to sum up the whimsical, mundane, fun, cute, loving, boring, but not so boring nature of relationships.

This is an oldie. Victoria with Roses is a great inspiration blog. I find most of the entries to be, well, just pretty. Some of the entries might be a little too traditional for me, and little too out of my price range, but I think the pictures are daydream-worthy. I like the idea of a dress sketch. I'm big on things you could pass down to your children some day, and I definitely think this is one of those things.

This is another oldie. Consider it East Side Bride's opposite version of my own five-point list.

Why did Tuesday's Wedding Bee post just make me want to find more cool blue and green stuff for my kitchen instead of find wedding stuff in those colors?

image via Wedding Bee

Pretty things alert!! New Blog (for me anyway), Unruly Things. I get engrossed in blogs like this, Oh So Beautiful Paper, Snippet & Ink, and Scissor Variations (thanks, mimi!). It makes me want to live in a vintage world surrounded by paper cutouts like this.

Or what about 100 Layer Cake blog's feature of Zola & Derick's engagement shoot? Who doesn't secretly want super stylized engagement photo shoot reminiscent of Brad & Angelina's Domestic Bliss? But, you know, less drugged out coma, more super happy getting married elation.

These Duston Todd photos featured on Rock 'n Roll Bride are a nice diversion from any real work I'm supposed to be doing, too. I love the long sleeved dress Rock 'n Roll Bride featured! So pretty.

Finally, yesterday's Wedding Bee post on the best day of your life is great. It's short, so I suggest you read it. It's a nice reminder that a wedding is just one day of many...

Dance it up!

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  1. great roundup! i have a question though. how many of those photos that we both think are great (love max wanger's shots and labor of love too) are great because of photoshop filters? i just learned about this and now i realize all the stuff i have been admiring has a filmy haze over it. thoughts?


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