The Marriage of Gossip and, well, Marriage (Photography)

Have you guys seen that Feather Love went to Spencer and Heidi's wedding? You know those attention whores from MTV's The Hills? Well, she did! I love the photos (as usual), but I love it even more when Perez Hilton pops up in them! What can I say???? I love gossip. It's my thing. Let it go.

photo via Feather Love

So, I'm so bummed...I haven't been able to dance for something like, well, since first the time. I had that cortisone shot last week, and have been in terrible pain since. Sucks. Plus, since my job requires me to stand most of the day, it's been even more painful. Then we went to a concert, and I couldn't stand standing, let alone swaying to M. Ward. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Who knew I would miss moving to the beat so much????

You know what would cheer me up? Yes. You know. A meat cake. Was it wrong that when I saw this post from Wedding Bee that my first thought was, "Hmmm...meat cake. I'd try that" instead of instantaneous revulsion?? Come on. You know you secretly want to try one, too!

meat cake

more meat cake

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  1. 1 that cake is awesome.
    2 great minds think alike i just posted about the crazy twins.


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