Reader's Find: Mimi's Guest Book

This blog has readers! Seriously...somebody call the pope! A miracle has occurred! We have two new blogs in the "I'd Marry These Links" section. One is Chuckle's Blog, which is new, but awesome. I read all her posts, and she's right...her life is interesting. The other is Mimi's great blog, Not a Bride Yet (although she will be soon...what will she call it then?). Both great, both worth checking out. And please notice how you give love to me (in the non-sexual sense), and I give love to you. It's all about the bloglovin'.

Okay...now all that being said, I've been combing thrift stores, antique shops, and ebay looking for cool vintage stuff to possibly buy now, possibly save pics of for future ideas, but all with the idea that we could use them somehow in our wedding. So lo and behold, when I go to check out Mimi's blog, she's got a kickass guestbook that would make the vintage lovers among us shiver with jealousy! Seriously cool! I've seen a lot of pretty neat ideas for guestbooks around the blogosphere: using vintage typewriters, polaroids, photobooths, etc. Ultimately, though, they are all the same, which of course we all know I hate. But Mimi here, well, she's outdone them all. While perusing her local Salvation Army, she happened onto a couple of books with record sleeves that had the coolest names on it (e.g. Band of Gold, I Love You, etc.). Very cool. Check it out below, and check Mimi out to your right.


  1. OMG! I LOVE your blog...I love the cynicism and sarcasm...and the HONESTY!! LOVES IT!

  2. Thanks so much! That's so nice to hear! Keep stopping by. I'll return the favor and link to your blog! : O )

  3. wow! thanks. i loved the guest book idea but until now the only feedback i had was the fiance. "um cool". and i love your sarcasm too, great writing.


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