Just Once Throughout the Day

I told a coworker today that just one day out of my life, I would like to get through the day without thinking that I'm fucking retarded. This morning at work I walked all the way downstairs to make copies and completely forgot my lunch upstairs. Okay. So I go back upstairs, grab my Smart Ones (which I'm hoping will make my big ass - see photo above - a little bit smaller, and which are also not nearly as delicious as Lean Cuisines) and my banana, only to get back downstairs and realize that bananas don't go into refrigerators. Yeah...see? Fucking retarded. Then later, when it was actually time for lunch, I wandered around my desk looking through all my drawers looking for my banana, which I later realized I accidentally left downstairs after all. Geesh. Now this isn't a slam on the mentally disabled, or those with special needs, it's just a slam on my own stupidity and how sometimes my big dumb ass acts like I'm lacking brain cells.

Speaking of fucking retarded...as much as I love Vintage Glam Weddings (and I really do love them A LOT), I can't get behind her lace headband enthusiasm. To each their own, but you can pretty much guarantee that if I attended a wedding where the bride wore a headband like that, I would sit in the back and make snide (and I mean snide) remarks. Come on...does anyone really want to look like they could also do a Jane Fonda workout tape in their wedding dress? Ick. Ick. Ick.

by Dani Picoral via Casando Ideias via Vintage Glam Blog

Now here's a trend can get behind...dresses that are dainty, and beautiful, and look one of a kind. I don't tend to like expensive, super fancy dresses. I much prefer vintage, one of a kind dresses. But if you have to go the store bought, fancy route, these dresses from Green Wedding Shoes are pretty cute!

If you live in Southern California, check out Stephanie Williams! Her photography is pretty great!


  1. LOL...we all have those "i'm a retard moments/days" ...I saw that wedding on GWS last night and was in love!

  2. i know...breathtaking! And also...geez you're fast! : O )

  3. I'm up late at night reading blogs and doing who knows what else...I'm crazy...what else can I say? :P

  4. i can't believe you took that picture of your arse. it's not big.
    those lace headbands are retarded.

  5. A.P. snapped that pic of my ass. He even noted in an email to me "Hey! I took that picture! You got really mad at me when I did!" Ah well...everything has its purpose. : O )

    Those lace headbands *are* retarded.


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