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It's supposed to rain here tomorrow, Saturday, and Tuesday. Hopefully that means a bright and sunny 4th of July. I've been super lazy while on vacation, but before it flies by, I need to get some serious stuff done. I've got to get busy with some cleaning and other projects. I'm hoping to use the long weekend to get things going. I'm also hoping the rain means I don't have to go into work for a while, at least until Tuesday.

In honor of 4th of July, I'm presenting you with this bit of 4th of July wedding inspiration. Shot by Tinywater Photography, this gorgeous shoot is filled with lovely bits of Americana. I especially love the milk and cookie bar, with the vintage milk bottles! So awesome! It would be expensive, but totally worth it to replicate this idea. Plus, I bet if you spent time thrifting bottles on the cheap in lots on eBay, you could save some money and get it done for cheap. Yeah, do it!

So fun, right? Imagine if you were actually going to a wedding like that this weekend? How awesome! So many great ideas that are easily replicated in that shoot.

All this expected rain makes me think I'll also be staying in and practicing my guitar between cleaning/projects. I learned three new chords this week and two new songs. I was really struggling in class and I felt like there was a huge jump between class one and class two. My hyperhidrosis kicks into high gear during my lessons and practice, too, which is really frustrating. I'm hoping that as my confidence builds, it will ease. It has a lot to do with my stress/anxiety over keeping up. Luckily I'm not alone. I felt like she was going super fast for everyone, but it also forces you to want to keep up and learn fast. And it does get easier every time. So, now that my fingers are feeling a lot less sore, and a lot more used to it, though still not 100% normal, I'm hoping to practice a lot more.

Other than that, we're thinking about an impromptu road trip and a friend's housewarming barbecue on Sunday. Our actual 4th, we're looking forward to doing not very much, and just hanging out with each other. What are your plans this holiday weekend?? Whatever they are, here's hoping you have a safe and spectacular 4th of July weekend!

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

Love, love, loved this week's Motherhood Monday post on A Cup of Jo. I've already told A.P. that when he becomes a dad (with our child, presumably), I'm making him read this. He's off the hook till then.

What a versatile DIY wrap/scarf that takes less than five minutes to make and even a fool could do it (I'm referring to me, not you. Don't worry.)

Anybody else super psyched True Blood is back on? Eric and Bill are totally this.

I'm going to try to make this for my friend's pre-4th barbecue/house warming. I'm not sure if I'll use box mixes or dig up a good recipe. I'm inclined to dig up a good recipe and make it real fun!

Have I told you about my obsession with braids? Yes? No? Doesn't matter either way, I'm telling you again.

Check out this beautiful Reem Acra gown from her 2012 Resort Wear line. A-ma-zing! Imagine floating around wearing that!

My new Zazzle store. You know you want more crap you don't need.

Thank you to those of you who took my survey. If you still haven't, I would love you oh so much if you did! Click here. It's quick and painless.

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(Dance Friday Photo via Pinterest; 4th of July Wedding via Tinywater Photography)

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