Wedding Wednesday: Bits of Pretty

Hi there! I'm trying to find out what works best here on Not the Marrying Kind, and I'd really like your help. I've created a short survey in order to get some feedback on what goes on with my wee small blog. I have a lot of lurkers that visit, seemingly consistently, but are silent observers. I respect silence on blogs, but if you could please break your silence in a completely anonymous way and let me know what you think of some stuff around this, here stretch of the internet, that would be oh, so wonderful! You can access the survey here and it will be up until July 15th. I will probably remind you about this on a daily basis, so please don't get mad at me, k? (PS. A.P. told me that nobody would fill out my survey. Help me prove him, and all men, wrong by sticking it to him. Seriously. Go here.) And thank you to those that have already filled it out! Your feedback is very helpful!

My favorite thing about the wedding, besides marrying the guy I love, that is, are all the small details. To me, they are what make a wedding special. I think all those things should be as personal and meaningful as possible, but there are a lot of small things that are less about meaning and more about the pretty. It's those things that make a wedding beautiful. These things need not break your budget either. Here is a small collection of pretty inspiration that is easily DIY-able. (Click on the links below for original images. The ones with an *asterisk* also contain DIY instructions.)

Late night snack for your guests: milk and cookies. (Chalkboard labels available here.)

Save the date buttons (Looking for an inexpensive no fuss version? I'm loving these pair of pears buttons from Shop Olio on etsy. 100 for $100 and completely customizable.)

(Photo credits linked below each image.)


  1. OK, I think we really have very different wedding habits in Europe - what on earth are escort cards??? And we don't even do "save the date"'s, just send the invitations 3 months before the big day.

  2. @Musing: Escort cards are the little cards you pic up when you get a to a reception that tell you what table you're at. For, I think, most weddings, they are not a big deal. Just a little card. But in a lot of weddings featured online, it's another cute detail you can make your own. : O )


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