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Hi there! I'm trying to find out what works best here on Not the Marrying Kind, and I'd really like your help. I've created a short survey in order to get some feedback on what goes on with my wee small blog. I have a lot of lurkers that visit, seemingly consistently, but are silent observers. I respect silence on blogs, but if you could please break your silence in a completely anonymous way and let me know what you think of some stuff around this, here stretch of the internet, that would be oh, so wonderful! You can access the survey here and it will be up until July 15th. I will probably remind you about this on a daily basis, so please don't get mad at me, k? (PS. A.P. told me that nobody would fill out my survey. Help me prove him, and all men, wrong by sticking it to him. Seriously. Go here.) And thank you to those that have already filled it out! Your feedback is very helpful!

This week has been busy. Between the 4th of July holiday and helping out with my dad and some friend wedding crap that went down, the week flew by. I skipped my guitar lesson yesterday, opting to make it up on Sunday instead. I hadn't practiced once. They want us to practice every day. The first week, I think I practiced three times because of my fingers and the pain, so I wanted to at least aim for the same. Instead, I've accomplished nothing. So, tomorrow I'm going to practice for a while and same on Saturday. Then when I go in on Sunday, I will feel better about the whole thing.

This week's wedding is a little different for Not the Marrying Kind. I don't think I've ever featured a wedding like it here before. I was a little worried it wasn't quite right for NTMK, since we don't have many male readers round these here parts, let alone gay ones. But as I've said before, marriage isn't about gay or straight or black or white or any other divisive category you can fit yourself in. Marriage is about love and commitment. And when you see this wedding, you will understand why I loved it so much that I bookmarked it to feature. Well I happened across it again and this time couldn't resist.

The wedding was shot by Noa of Feather Love Photography who shoots the most retro, ethereal, dreamy weddings. I love her. A long time ago,
A.P. and I entered her wedding photography contest (and lost, but were mentioned in her post announcing the winner). Perhaps one day, when we're rich and famous for being average and lazy, I'll hire her to take pictures of us just cuz.

In the mean time, I give you Michael and Tim's beautiful, heartfelt wedding. The entire event took place at the ACE Hotel in Palm Springs (which is now on my list of places to travel to/check out). But the gorgeous scenery and beautifully done wedding is not why I posted this wedding. The reason I posted this wedding is because looking at the love
between these two that Noa captured so beautifully makes my breath catch in my throat. Gorgeous!

Wasn't that amazing? There are many, many more breathtaking photos linked below. There were super romantic pictures of them almost kissing that I almost ended with, but I loved that picture of them hugging too much to skip it. And sometimes, a hug is better than a kiss. Especially when it's one as filled with love as that. Congrats again, Michael & Tim! And thanks to Noa for again creating beauty in the smallest of moments.

Can you guys believe it's the weekend already? All weeks should be four days! A.P. and I are taking our dog to the vet tonight. We're worried he might have seizures since he's had a couple of weird incidents in the past month. Other than that, we're deliciously without plans. Perhaps a trip to my grandmother's old house, which we wanted to do last weekend? Or perhaps a whole lotta nothin'? We do that a lot, huh? What are you guys up to this weekend?

In the mean time, here are your dance moves for the week:

One of my favorite new fashion sites, Lookbook.nu. Though I sometimes get tired of the fact that everyone is 20 and pin-thin, I still love the idea that people from all over can take cool self-portraits.

Loved Kate Moss's veil! Plus, I'm obligated to mention this famous wedding because A.P. is a big Kills fan.

I've been growing my eyebrows out for a while trying to rock fuller eyebrows (I think my eyebrows always look the same no matter what), but with these great tips, I think I might a better idea of how to achieve this look.

I've had this bookmarked for so long. It's political, so it's kind of outdated, but it's hilarious so it doesn't matter. Check out these signs from the Stewart/Colbert rally back in late October.

This converted farmhouse looks so cozy and inviting!

What to say to effectively end an argument with the man in your life.

I'm loving all the different "classy" jello shots I've seen floating around pinterest lately. This Martha Stewart article gives a beautiful overview, but the real deal is this blog right here. I especially want to try these and these (which are pretty and seem like a good first go recipe). Don't those look amazing?

Plus, here are some Walk Down Memory Lane posts from NTMK:

Comfort in a Relationship

Why I'm Not the Marrying Kind (this was back when I dropped f-bombs around here, which I rarely, if ever, do now, so...)

Perhaps the reality is just that I have a different kind of bride gene?

And don't forget the new Zazzle store!

(Dance Friday Photo via Resole America Blog; Michael & Tim's ACE Hotel Wedding Photos Via Feather Love Photography, featured at 100 Layer Cake)


  1. Beautiful pic, it's great you featured them, I totally agree with you! (and gay marriage is legal in my little country)

  2. found you on Grey Loves... I love your blog. it's really cute and organized!

  3. @HiLLjO: Thanks so much! Hope you'll keep coming by. : O )

  4. Thanks for featuring our wedding!

  5. @Michael: But of course! The real question is how could I not?? : O ) Congrats again!


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