I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor

photo by me!

It's late again...I know. A.P. had a half day yesterday and we spent the afternoon at a big book fair downtown stocking up on used lovelies, and then we grabbed something to eat, came home chillaxed, and then made dinner and watched Two Lovers, which I loved and he did not. Needless to say that there was no time in that quality time for blogging. Nevertheless...here it is, your Friday dance...Saturday...again.

So, I'm not going to lie: This week's dance is a little, shall we say light? You can tell because the pictures are bigger and two of them are of the same post! I perused so many sites this week, but call me picky, I couldn't find that much I was loving. Perhaps I'm too stressed to fully appreciate what was out there? I don't know. A.P. asked me the other day what happens to this blog after we get married. Well, if things stay like this, I'm thinking there won't be any problem. Haha. Just kidding. I still got love for my bridal blogs!

There were some posts that were awww-worthy. For instance this monochromatic beauty of a wedding over at Brooklyn Bride. First off, how cool is it that they asked everyone to wear white? I'm seriously thinking about stealing that idea! Why? Because that means all their photos looked like this:

photo via Brooklyn Bride

How aesthetically pleasing, no? They also had the nicest escort/place cards.

photo via Brooklyn Bride

This got me thinking because, as you may remember, up until now, I've been in love with these place cards, via Papier Valise's blog, Scissor Variations:

photo via Scissor Variations

The thing is, I use those same plant markers that this Brooklyn Bride wedding used! I buy them at Target every year in the cheap bins at the front of the store. They cost $1 for a set of six. This year when I went and bought more, I was thinking that they might make good nameplates. Then I decided I liked the ones from Scissor Variations more. After seeing those copper plant markers in use, though, I'm seriously changing my mind. Only time will tell, but for now, there's some serious competition. Perhaps A.P. will be the deciding vote?

Another great reception idea? Dessert buffet. No, I know, you're like, "Marty, you're losing your touch! That idea is soooo two years ago!" You're right. It is sooo two years ago...if you serve your desserts on coordinating cake plates or in various sized apothecary jars. I'm talking about dessert buffets with your pastry lovelies served out of interesting repurposed antiques. Here, look:

photo via Oh Joy!

I got this idea from a post I saw over at Oh Joy! It featured some lovely photos from a bakery and the lightbulb in my head went off. Wedding gold! I may or may not do this myself. It just depends on how lazy I'm feeling since I'm already planning so many other tentative DIYs.

Speaking of Oh Joy!, they also featured these great papercut maps, which of course you know I love! Go! Check them out! They'd make a nice wedding gift if the people have some sort of connection to either London or Paris. I myself am holding out for Brandon, FL (A.P.'s hometown). I'm certain they will be available in 2010.

Speaking of London and Paris, anyone thinking about having their wedding abroad? If so, please emulate this Italian villa wedding featured on Once Wed...especially the bride's epaulette (I don't know what else to call it, really).

photo via Once Wed

Not at the wedding dress, location , or reception ideas portion of your wedding planning yet? Just getting your invitations sorted? Then go oooh and aaaah over the adorableness of these invites featured on Green Wedding Shoes. Sigh.

Finally, go scan this article on MSN, and be glad that your life will not be as confusing as these two's. (One person shouts, "Kelly?" Both respond. Chaos ensues.) I wonder if it'll last...is that wrong? Oh well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


We've Got a Thing That's Called Radar Love

I know I've posted about my craft cat, Zuzu Petals, before, but I'm not so sure I've ever posted about our dog, Radar. Here's a little history on our animals (yes that's plural) in general. When A.P. and I first started dating the only animal in our lives was Zuzu, the one fanged kitty. Zuzu is a very, very friendly cat. She will go up to complete strangers and curl up on their laps. When I first found her at the Anti-Cruelty Society, she curled right up on my arms. However, she does not like A.P. Not one bit. She did at first, but then he would chase her around the apartment trying to catch her to pet her, and he would pet her aggressively as if she were a dog. Perhaps the final straw for poor Zuzu was when he did things like this:

A.P.'s feet with Zuzu.
Photo by me!

Let's get a close-up on that reaction, shall we?

A.P.'s feet with Zuzu 2.
Photo by me!

Needless to say when A.P. and I moved in together, it was difficult to get her to sleep in the bed again and hang out with us on the couch. The other reason she hates A.P.? Because about six months after I met him, A.P. took in his ex-girlfriend's dog, Radar, who he loved so much and was so sad to leave behind when he moved out after the break up. His ex-girlfriend moved to Texas and left the dog with her sister, who wasn't taking the best care of Radar, and I encouraged A.P. to take him in, and we haven't looked back since. We love Radar so much and are thoroughly convinced that we have the cutest animals. (Btw, after Zuzu and before Radar, I bought A.P. a guinea pig, Henry, who we also have. I know. You're shaking your head at me now thinking we're nuts. I know we are. A.P. doesn't care too much for Henry, and he's really become my pet at this point, but he's a cutie too.)

I know. You're tilting your head thinking that you have a dog or a cat or a bunny or whatever and Radar may be cute, but he can't possibly be as cute as your pet. But he can be. He is.

Radar 2007
Photo by me!

You have no idea what it's like, either, owning an animal this cute. I mean, when people come over, they'll say Zuzu is cute, but really she looks like a lot of cats. Her cuteness is in her energy and how she approaches people without fear. And occasionally it makes an appearance in her one fanged smile. But Radar? Radar is whole different kind of cute. People stop us on the street and tell us he's cute...ALL THE TIME. They can never believe that he's seven years old, and they always, always want to know what kind of dog he is (half chihuahua and half miniature poodle). He has the biggest brown eyes and they have such expression.

Photo by me!

He elicits the most oohs and aaahs of any animal I've ever known! Even my mother loves him...and as many of you know, my mother barely loves me. Plus at parties, he becomes an instant attraction as he is also the most well endowed little doggie and everyone makes comments about that! Don't believe me? Take a better look at that picture with the red backdrop.

The thing is, I hate dogs. I don't hate them, I just hate owning them. I got a cat for a reason: no 7am walking necessary. It drives A.P. crazy that I never walk Radar, too. I know it's a real point of contention between us. I try and explain to him, though, that Radar and I have an agreement. The little doggie, as I call him, accepts that I don't do walks, and I don't do feedings (after all, I already feed Zuzu and Henry), but I do allow him to sleep right up against me at night (witness the evidence below). It may not seem fair to A.P., but Radar and I think it's alright.

Radar and my boob
Photo by me!

Now if you're wondering what got me on this topic to begin with, it's because one of my favorite photographers, Kelty over at Steep Street recently posted these amazing photos of two little dogs, Quimby & Zooey. It made me wish she lived closer to me and could take photos of our animals.


Invite Envy

So, Nelia asked me a question the other day via comments about whether or not I was still planning on silkscreening our invitations. Truth be told, I really, really want to, and believe I can, too. However, since buying that silkscreen, I haven't even cracked the box open. I've been working so hard this summer, and savoring it since I still don't have a job lined up past the end of this month (despite a hardcore job search). Anyway, this job ends in a week and a half, and then I will have more time, because while normally I have spare time on the weekends to do things, this summer we've been hella busy. I bought some small tote bags at Target, and want to sketch out a little something and then practice silkscreening those. Once I do, I will post pictures here.

I'm not going to lie, though, a few weeks ago when I sketched out our potential invititations out of nothing else but sheer boredom, I was getting really discouraged about how making our own invitations would work out. It may take only a weekend or so to print them all (thank goodness we don't want to have a big wedding, otherwise I know I'd be screwed!), but it will take a good, long while to get my image finalized, burn the screen, etc. Oi! Right as I was getting overwhelmed though, I decided to take a blog break and head over to one of my favorites in the blogerhood, Avoision. Liz and Felix are no strangers on this blog; I've posted about them once or twice. Anyway, they are getting married very soon and are now officially my wedding heroes! Not only is Liz making all these awesome favors (click on those links for details), but they made these fantastic invitations. Look at the RSVP cards! They have a vespa, and I have to say, they worked in that detail nicely.

photo via Avoision

They glued the RSVP card to the back of the postcard. Can you believe they made these using fancy paper and a Canon iP4300 color printer??

photo via Avoision

Finally, because Liz and Felix have a bunny, Baxter, they affixed this adorable little paper band and seal with a bunny on it that says "Hoppily Ever After." [Insert collective awwww here.]

photo via Avoision

So while a final decision can't be made about my own invitation making until I do a trial run in August, I am in awe of Liz and Felix and their phenomenal work! Their invitations turned out gorgeous and they most definitely serve as inspiration!


Friday, er, Saturday Dance!

photo by me!

So...here it is...the super belated Dance Friday post! There's so much to post!! This is why you don't take a blogcation!

First up is another Jeremy Lawson wedding. If you haven't yet figured out my intense love for Jeremy's photographs, take a hint! This is not the first Dance Friday he's been featured in! I know there are a lot of famous wedding photographers out there who get a lot of love, but I always come back to Jeremy. I like how he captures emotion, and it never seems like he's trying so damn hard to be arty. Anyway, the latest of his creations that I have fallen for is Ashley and Brian's wedding. They were married in Iowa, a state with which I have a special love affair, and even had part of their wedding shoot at the Field of Dreams! So cool! I'm so jealous! Haven't been there in ages! Check out some of the photos below, and for the rest, go to Jeremy's blog (because we all know my polaroids don't do his beautiful photos justice)!

photos via Jeremy Lawson Photography

The only thing missing from Ashley and Brian's wedding is perhaps the use of a some good vintage bicycles. They should have asked Kortney and Jason to borrow their bikes.

photo via Green Wedding Shoes

Okay, let's talk dresses for a moment. Do you guys read Chuckle's Blog? She was one of my first readers, and though her blog wasn't ever intended to be a wedding blog, it became that for a little while as she put the finishing details into planning her own wedding. Lately she's been posting pictures of the event, and while the whole affair looked very personalized and lovely, it was her beautiful vintage dress that caught my attention. Now for the part that'll make you hate her like hell...she only paid $75 for it!!! I know, I know. I'm jealous, too. Check it out:

photos via Chuckle's Blog

That's my dream...to find a cheap little vintage number that flatters my body and makes the other girls sigh both based on its wow factor and the fact that I got it at such a bargain. Don't get me wrong...I'll take expensive and sigh-worthy, too. I still don't know about veils though. I love birdcage veils and think they're so cute and chic if done right, but this girl's hairpiece made me rethink my birdcage veil aspirations. Perhaps I'll trade in a birdcage veil for a bird in nest hairpiece? If so, I'll have only Vintage Glam to thank!

Now for the reception. My big thing in wedding planning more than anything else are the tiny details that really personalize the wedding. These are my recent favorites. First up are the swizzle sticks from A Field Journal. How cute would your initials be on these pretty little sticks? You could also adapt this pattern into cute name cards!

photo via A Field Journal

My other favorite is from Parcel Post who is subbing in for Brooklyn Bride. She posted on artsy indie finds and included this simple string of yarn with hearts paperclipped to it. How cute! It's so simple and inexpensive and it's so cute. You could even glam it up a bit with pretty craft paper and pretty gold paperclips. A great idea for escort cards, too! Such a simple thing with so many possibilities.

photo via Brooklyn Bride

Finally, this video which I found over at A Cup of Jo is the most adorable thing ever. Check it out, and most of all, enjoy the rest of the weekend! Make sure to come back next week, I've got great invites from Felix and Liz, and some other cute stuff saved up!


Slightly Postponed Friday Dance

Please don't be upset. Pretty please? With extra cheese? (Yum...cheese!) Because of tonight's wedding/reception/celebration, I have no time to do my Friday Dance! Yes, that is the sound of the wedding gods laughing at the irony. Check back tomorrow for a special Saturday Dance! Lots of good stuff coming your way soon. Promise!


Awkward Family Photos Presents...Weddings!

Here's the wedding edition of Awkward Family Photo. If you've been reading this site for a little while, you know that I heart the ol' Awkward Family Photo. Right before my blogcation, I found these wedding themed Awkward photos and thought, why not spread the good word?? You want awesome shot ideas for your engagement session or wedding day??? Look no further!! First up is the "in hiding" pose. Here your partner hides behind your dress as you both peek awkwardly around the corner of a building. Background cliffs optional.

Next we have the "basketcase" pose. This is for couples who fit into one of two categories: A. you're both bubbly as hell, smile all the time, and everything is always "great," OR B. you're both actually basketcases, and the only display of happiness your relationship has ever shown was your wedding day where you posed for this ridiculous photo. Don't worry, though, even if you don't fit into one of these two categories, I'm sure your photographer would have no issue setting up this shot for you. Assuming, of course, he can find a basket big enough to hold the two of you!

Photo via Awkward Family Photos

Anybody who is already married have some awkward wedding photos? If you're brave enough, please share!


Another Return to Blogging Post, Another Almost Friday Dance Feature

Even though I haven't gotten rid of Hank yet, I'm thinking that this will be inspiration! I'm in love with this color board from 100 Layer Cake, and the outfit that girl is wearing. Forget a wedding! I just want to wear those clothes and be that cute! I'm not sure I can pull it off, but a girl can hope, can't she?? Plus, I love the color names: fig, blush, mustard yellow! So gorgeous! Check it out!

photo via 100 Layer Cake


Summer Bloggin'...Had me a Blast!

Well, the vacation is over. For now anyway. I'm back to blogging! I missed it so, though it was very nice to have a little vacation, and I especially loved being just a commenter again. I just got so swamped with work and busy summer plans that it seemed like there was just no time to blog! Last week I had plans on THREE weekdays alone! Geesh. Anywho...

A.P. and I have a real wedding to go this week. Though it's more like a wedding reception. A longtime family friend got married to his longtime girlfriend from Argentina last year in Argentina. So this year, they're having the wedding reception and my whole family is going. It's a really big deal because my family is pretty big and also, we're pretty fractured...there's this one that doesn't talk to that one and my parents are divorced, and, yeah, it's just a mess. (And then you wonder why I want a surprise wedding!) So to have an event where my whole family is there is pretty huge for me. Though now I'm hearing one brother and his dumb wife, who I don't talk to and who knew the groom the best, aren't coming. Who knows? The point is that I have a wedding (reception) to go to! And I'm taking pictures and snagging ideas! And...I'm DANCING!!! Yay!

Also, while I was busy not blogging, I did do a mock-up of what I'd like our invites to look like. This is the number one thing that scares me the most. Because I want to have a relatively short engagement, and because A.P. and I agreed that we would try and DIY our invitations, it occurred to me that I need to have some ideas sketched out*. So one Saturday while it was rainy out, I sketched a little mock-up. So far, A.P. likes them. Or so he claims. He could be just saying he likes them and then later when he's actually paying attention, he will give his real opinion. he does that a lot. I think a lot of men do. Anyway, I'm drawing/designing the basic invitation, mostly, in fact, just the outline with the little birdies, but I'm adapting a pre-made invitation for the wording and font and all that jazz. When I finish it up, I'll scan it in.

And finally while I haven't been blogging, I've been saving up all my favorite stuff for Friday dance, and I realized that two weeks without a Friday dance means I have a TON of stuff saved up. Plus I'll have stuff from this week, no doubt, so I thought, why not knock off some of the older stuff in day to day posts? So first up? A carnival themed wedding from Green Wedding Shoes.

There isn't much about this wedding that I hate (except for maybe the fact that I know it cost a good chunk of change). But for wedding fantasy, you can't get much better than this. The goldfish game?!? A photo booth??!!?? Candy bar???!!!??? FERRIS WHEEL????!!!!???? Madness, I say!! But beautiful madness. If you haven't already, go check it out!

*Especially since A.P. gave me another hint! The latest hint was that it's 70% probable that he's not proposing in July, and he's not proposing in November. That only leaves August, September, and October. That's why I need to get my fat ass to the gym.


Happy 4th!!

Happy 4th everyone!! I'm taking a blogging break for a few days! I'm swamped with work, and A.P. has a long weekend because of the holiday. So that means, no Friday dance. But I've got some stuff stored up for next week! See you then! Hope everyone has a safe, pyrotechnics filled weekend!!


Wow. Just. Wow.

“Hey, can you grab me a tofu dog? I’m kind of busy live-blogging this picnic.”
Apropros Picture and Caption via Look at this Fucking Hipster!

Remember Awkward Family Photo??? This is way, way, way better than that! Look at this fucking hipster!! Hilarious! Nothing at all to do with wedding planning, but good internet nonetheless. I know at least one of you will like it. This one is my favorite...for the caption alone. A.P. found this one! Thanks, A.P.!! This is one of many reasons why I heart you so very much! You too love to trash talk the hipsters!


Oh no they didn't! OH YES THEY DID!

Ladies, I bring you all weddings, all the time! Well, not me, but rather WE.

Curious? Click it.

Oh and PS. Someone go tell Perez to suck it. We have a life. We're just planners! Duh.
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