What Pinterests Me

Have you gotten your Pinterest invite??? If not, please leave me a comment. I will invite you because you simply must. get. pinning! I've blogged about Pinterest a lot, but for those of you still not in the know, it works like this. You see some image you like on the internerd, you pin it to category boards you create on Pinterest. So easy. So addictive. Here are some things I've been pinning lately.

Dresser repurposed as a kitchen island. Brilliant.

Screw it. Next year my cake is going to be an ice cream cone cake and it will say Marty J. is 31! Kids don't get to have all the fun, okay?

When I grow up, I want to be surrounded my mystery and wonder and lightbulb gardens.

Amazing baby swing.

How do I get to stay here? Anybody know where this is??

If you're on Pinterest, feel free to follow me. I give good pins (insert sly grin here).


  1. Oh, I totally need a pinterest invite! Everyone seems to being doing it these days and we all know that that is a totally valid reason to do anything! ;)

  2. I am ADDICTED to Pinterest. I'm Stacy Lane if you wanna follow!


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