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Guys, it has been a week! I had a huge open house for my garden/greenhouse yesterday, and of course I've been dealing with my father and my brother all week. It's been taking its toll and I'm officially exhausted. Life is getting the better of me. I didn't get home from work/chauffeuring my brother around/making sure he was okay until almost 9:30 last night, which means no Friday dance until after 9:30 tonight. Nevertheless, I got it done. I can't believe that I contemplate blogging more than once a day sometimes.

I'm taking some time off work in about a month and I am so, so counting down the days! Summers are always easier, both in this second career and when I worked in advertising, but my goal is to take it easy this summer and put myself first. Plus, A.P and I may be working on some big projects this summer, and I don't want work to cloud those. So, I'm going to try to make sure my weekends are filled to the brim with life...

...Kind of like this bit of wedding inspiration from Love and Lavender. I remember seeing this a while back and wishing I had planned a bold, beautiful wedding like this! The problem with these wedding inspirations is that without a wedding planner, people just don't have time to pull this kind of thing off. Or at least not if you work a full time job and have a budget. If you have a millionaire father and therefore do not have a job, you could do this yourself. The rest of us will make our attempts and hope for something nearly as awesome.

Don't you love the "Diets are for losers" sign? Gorgeous shoot! And here are your dance moves for the week:

I would have worn this to prom, too.

Forget rainbow cake, I'm in love with this entire color spectrum of frostings!

One of the things that sometimes makes me sad about my wedding experience is that no one threw me a shower. I didn't even want one necessarily, I was just kind of bummed that my mother didn't even think to throw me one. If I had had one though, I think I would have wanted it like this. And it would have been all about the desserts. Especially knowing now that I wouldn't get to eat any at my actual wedding.

Love this feather necklace!

I believe in this every day!

I'm thinking about getting my new glasses from here! What a deal! And I love the virtual try-on and the free shipping/returns! Sweet!

It's not about the size, it's about the style.

And here are some more NTMK posts you might have missed!

Have a wedding dress like Kate Middleton for a fraction of the cost and the same perfect fit!

Skateboard Art

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And proof that happy endings do exist!

(Dance Friday Photo by me; Seaside Wedding Inspiration Photos via Love and Lavender)

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  1. I love those bright shoes with wedding dresses. You know, people who know me describe me as a girl who's smart and serious and very poised but who will, out of the blue, say or do something excentric that nobody expects. Like wear blue nailpolish, or red shoes with a black business suit. I can't help it, I need to say "hey, I'm a little bit crazy inside" LOL.
    So when I think of wedding dresses (like you do when you're a girl, ya know...) I'm torn between the excentric ones, and the classical ones that would look timeless on pictures. That shoe concept, that pretty much solves my dilemma!!
    (Now, onto finding a groom... haha)


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