Hilarious Stationary

When we were in Florida, we were hanging out with A.P.'s brother one night. We were talking about music, and I excitedly told him that when we got back to Chicago, we were supposed to see The Arcade Fire, which I was super psyched about! A.P.'s brother, Jayseph, proceeded to talk about his intense hatred for The Arcade Fire. He kept apologizing, then badmouthing them. It was kind of funny, because honestly, I've never met anyone who hated The Arcade Fire. A.P. doesn't like them, but certainly doesn't hate them.

Anyway, a few days later, when we went to the concert (and rocked our asses off), and I thought about buying Arcade Fire t-shirts for Jayseph's kids, as a joke. But that joke is pretty expensive. Like 50 bucks expensive. Still, the joke stayed with me. So I went to my next best resource, etsy. There I discovered the most awesome shop, Jungle Bungle Cards, which I strongly encourage you to check out.

Katrina, the proprietor, hand carves all the stamps that adorn each recycled paper card. She then uses a vintage Montgomery Ward label maker to adorn each card with a hilarious, irreverent phrase. The result is pure awesomity (that's the state of being awesome, for those of you not in the know). I'm buying the first one to mail to Jayseph. I think he'll get a kick out of it, don't you?

(Photos via Jungle Bungle Cards etsy shop)

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