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So, I know I said last week that I wasn't too into the Royal Wedding, but come on, I do write a weddingish blog, right? So, you know, it's only natural that I would be interested in it. I just wasn't a nut, tweeting about it every five minutes and setting my alarm for 3 in the morning.

Still, I rather like Kate Middleton, and it's interesting to see someone become a princess. I mean, how does that happen??? Anyway, I just wanted to show you guys something kind of cool. Bear with me...

My wedding dress was based on the J. Crew Daphne dress, which they stopped making. I couldn't have the original, so I had a similar one made. My friend's mother is an awesome seamstress, but she isn't a designer, so we used a pattern and tweaked it to resemble the Daphne dress. The pattern I used was Vogue 2979. I discovered its similarity to the Daphne dress through the blog world. In order to make it similar to J. Crew's famed dress, B-Mac's mother made the bodice a wee bit shorter, and we used the sash to make it appear closer to an empire waist. We also used crepe-back satin material to make it hang softly around me, instead of a more voluminous skirt. The pattern is actually for a long-sleeved dress, but we opted for the short-sleeved version. The bodice is supposed to be lace, but we chose to use a chiffon overlay on top of the crepe-back satin.

The J. Crew Daphne dress in all its glory

I chose all these changes not only because they made the dress more like the J. Crew Daphne, but also because the original Vogue pattern was far more conservative. Something you would wear in a church, not a vintage bakery. That being said, I did like the original Vogue 2979 pattern, too. And if I got married in a church, I would wear this dress for sure. So, do you want to see what the pattern looks like?

My point is, if you loved Kate's dress, this would be an awesome alternative! It's a little closer to Grace Kelly's dress than Kate Middleton's, but it's easily tweaked. And let's face it...Kate Middleton's dress was TOTALLY inspired by Grace Kelly's dress. Or if you're like and you loved the J. Crew Daphne, you can turn the pattern into a J. Crew Daphne-esque dress, too! This pattern is versatile. Go Vogue!

Here are some dress comparisons for fun! See? Grace, Kate, and I have such great taste!

(J. Crew Daphne photo via here; Vogue 2979 photos via Vogue Fabrics; Grace Kelly via here; Kate Middleton via here; My dress photos by Theresa Scarbrough)

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