Summer Dance

Hello, lovelies! Is anyone else ecstatic it is Memorial Day weekend?? I need the three day weekend badly! I'm super excited for the extra day because I will feel like I actually have a weekend instead of half of one. Now if only the weather would cooperate. This has been the coldest spring ever and all of us in Chicago are SICK. OF. IT! We need warm weather, and this weekend promises to deliver. In honor of the impending warm weather, I thought I would give you this lovely summer Up inspired wedding.

I've posted about Up inspired parties before, and A.P. wore a grape soda pin instead of a boutonniere on our wedding day. Still, this wedding takes the cake! This couple had an Up inspired engagement shoot, and the writer and producer of the film saw it! They ended up sending them an autographed book with a sweet note and a little hand drawing based on the adorable couple! But my favorite part of the wedding is the picnic seating. This would be the ultimate chill summer wedding seating arrangement!

Don't you love how much thought was put into that wedding? And doesn't that couple look as in love as Carl and Ellie? Le sigh.

Well, this weekend we have plans to see a movie with my dad, chill out, and hopefully get out to enjoy the weather a bit with a friend. Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! I will be back on Monday with a new Marriage Monday post!

Until then, here are your dance moves this week:

Love this height ruler from one of my favorite artists, Rob Ryan!

You MUST read this surprise engagement story! Husbands and future husbands take note!

These paper flags would make awesome swizzle sticks for Memorial Day cocktails!

In honor of the end of Stripes Every Day for the Month of May (of which I am still updating photos! Takes forever, man!), listen to this catchy version of The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army by Ben L'Oncle Soul.

Confession of a Soon-to-be Mom

I think we've finally found a silverware set we like, but I'd be equally inclined to thrift cool silverware and color them like this!

The perfect red, white, and blue dessert for Memorial Day weekend!

What prostitutes, TSA agents, and doctors have in common.

The prettiest fort ever.

(Friday Dance Photo by Me; Up Inspired Wedding Photos via Wedding Chicks)

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  1. hey that height ruler would look good in little h's room! i might have to get one of those. thanks!


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