Dance This Mess Around

Guys, this has been an exhausting week! I'm so, so tired. Wednesday, I took a bath and when I got out and looked in the mirror, I thought all of my eye makeup was smeared below my eyes. I tried to wipe it away only to discover it was actually just dark circles under my eyes! Terrible. Musing on Beauty better do a post on cover up soon or I'll have to continue to look this terrible! Gasp!

Still, this has been a productive week and another big week for this here little blog. I'm back to blogging five times a week, and I'm tweeting, too, which has been kind of fun. I'm also crossing two things off of my list this week, which is exciting. The first is my photo-a-day project, which I've been very diligent about. Except for yesterday. All of a sudden, it was 10pm and I'd accomplished nothing. I took the photos, but didn't upload/arrange them. I decided to put together the photos today. I needed to get a couple of things done and go to bed already. So you can look for yesterday and today's pictures on here later. I will post both this evening after I get today's taken and put together.

So far, the project has been fun, but I want to make it clear. I know I'm not some amazing artist, nor do I pretend to be. I just like to be creative and do fun things. Try explaining that to your coworkers, btw, when you explain that you are wearing stripes every day for the month of May. They don't get it. Not one bit.

The second thing I am crossing off my list is going to see Spring Awakening. I bought our tickets a while back, and all of a sudden it's May 7th and time to go! So tomorrow night, A.P. and I are going on an actual fancy date. I'm going to dress up and look pretty, and we're going to the theater and dinner. Yay fun!

Finally, my week has been filled with gardening galore. Typically, I wear my Hunter boots when I garden. It means I can really get in there and get dirty and not worry. It's nice. Check out how many times I wore those suckers this week. That's right...three (well, it will be three after I post the remaining pics for this week)! Normally, I spend two days in the garden for about two hours. This week, it's been three days for a total of six hours. I'm trying to ready my outside raised beds, but the weather is not cooperating in Chicago, and so I built a hoop house. I'm going to post about it next week, for those of you who are gardeners, and might be interested. It was really easy, but it'll be interesting to see how it holds up to the Chicago winds!

Anywho...on to the dance, people! This week's real wedding is gor-geous. That's right. It gets TWO syllables. Honestly, it's mostly about the dress, which is amazing in both a frothy way that doesn't usually appeal to me and a classic way that does. And if you don't fall for the dress, you have to admit that her hairpiece is pretty freaking awesome. Plus, anyone who incorporates Flo + The Machine into their big day is pretty great in my book.

And here are your dance moves for this week:

If you watched the royal wedding last week, were you, like me, wondering what they were all whispering to each other? Thank goodness for the internet! A lip reader translates for us here.

I love both the idea for this party and also the adorable invitation!

Check out this awesome airstream remodel! I hate bus/airplane/camper bathrooms, but I think I could handle this one!

He Will Never Have a Girlfriend. Yeah, right.

Check out this couple's luck!

A great re-purposed nightstand that makes me wish I was a little girl again!

Easiest corner shelf ever.

Did you enjoy last week's tie necklace? Good thing I found some directions for you DIYers!

Ummm, cake batter pancakes? Better make two batches!

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(Friday Dance Photo by Me; Wedding Photos via Rock My Wedding)


  1. ok, ok, I got the message!
    (I have struggled a lot myself with concealing, I must say, but I'll try to share some wisdom on the topic)

  2. That would be awesome! I finally found a concealer I like for pimples/scarring, but not a good under-eye concealer (which I never needed until now). It makes me sad every time I have something new to conceal. ; o )


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