January Sucks, February Blows

Our dog doesn't like the snow either...look at what he has to wear!

I want to start this post by first saying that I love the snow. I really do. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly even the dullest of streets can turn magical with just a small sprinkling of snow. And snow is a blast. Growing up, I have fond memories of my brothers making snow dragons with tennis ball eyes across the street from our apartment. I remember making snow men galore and once even an igloo with my oldest brother. In college, in Iowa, I bought a saucer sled my freshmen year and then made sledding a yearly tradition, until my last year, when I left the saucer sled behind. The point is, I love snow.

But around this time of year, it gets to be...annoying. We bought a car, and I predominantly drive it. This means that in the month or so that we've owned a car, I can't even count how many times I've had to brush the damn snow off the damn car! Plus, we may not be New York or Massachusetts, but we have had snow on the ground practically the whole winter this season!

Nevertheless, I thought it was over. After all, usually, with Chicago, the big winter adjustment is just that it gets cold as hell in February. December and January always seem snowy and February is just plain frigid. So I almost started crying when I heard about the blizzard everyone is buzzing about. More snow? I can't even picture it. It sounds...awful. Not magical, not fun, just awful.

And while most people will get a snow day, I will probably still have to report to work, because I swear I always work at these companies that never close their doors (same with all the schools I've ever attended...never had a snow day growing up!). Plus, I don't think driving to my job would be wise, so I'm probably back on the bus, which means until I see how this thing plays out, I hate the world. And I hate the snow.

I don't know about you, but I am always grumpy Mondays. Everything ticks me off. Especially snow. What are you all hating on this Monday?

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