Power Outage Chicago

Guys, check this out! A.P. and I were sitting in the living room waiting out the blizzard, and we heard this really loud popping sound coming from outside. We looked out the window and saw in the alley across the street the electricity box next to the wire* popping and flashing. A.P. just described it as "illuminating the sky's light." Basically, it looked like fireworks. It was so crazy that I grabbed A.P.'s camera to film it, and while I was filming, the power went out on that whole side of the neighborhood. Check it out!

What's crazy is that our electricity didn't go out. We've still had cooking gas, heat, and (knock on internet) power. This means watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills duke it out on the 2nd part of the reunion is still happening. Sweet!

* I tried to find out what the technical name for this box was, but apparently googling "what's the electricity box called by the wire on the street" doesn't get you any answers.

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