My Egg Cup Runneth Over

I can think of only one time in my entire life that I've eaten a soft-boiled egg. One time in nearly 30 years. Yet, I own 4 egg cups. And, when I'm in stores, I'm often drawn to these delicate, little gems. So when I saw this project on Craft Magazine's blog, I about died. How easy! How adorable! How perfect for all those precious soft-boiled eggs that I never, ever eat!

(Photo via Craft Magazine Blog)


  1. That IS really cute... I eat a lot of eggs...

  2. Me too! Though I'm more of a poached egg girl (eggs benedict is probably my favorite brunch pick).

  3. I don't even eat soft boiled eggs and I have egg cups too! They are just so cute!

  4. I agree! I'm especially drawn to vintage egg cups. So freaking adorable!


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