Are You a Leader or a Follower?

One of my goals for this year is to increase my blogging to five times a week. Of course a big motivator for that is to have new people (in addition to my lovely longtime readers) to write for, and new interest in the blog, as close to daily as possible. That means working to increase readership. So my question for you, my lovely readers old and new, is: are you a leader or a follower? Click here to subscribe to this blog (if you prefer a different method, there are some other options to the right of this post, under Get Updates). And if you too are perhaps not the marrying kind, and so are not ready for a full committal, maybe just leave a comment and say hi, especially if you never have before.

Also, check out these wonderful blogs from around the internerd:

Midge Me - crafty gal who inspires me with all that she takes on
Take Heart - another crafty gal who has the cutest little towheaded kids...and they take the cutest damn photos
Greedy Girl - fashion, fashion, fashion
A Day in the Life of the Gilded Bee - etsy shop owner's super inspirational (and colorful) blog
Musing on Beauty - good makeup tips/product reviews here!
Yolk - a hilarious, if sometimes heartbreaking, blog of a woman on a journey to get knocked the heck up...by her husband
Pop Culture Librarian - found this through The Maiden Metallurgist...and she pretty much writes about everything I love...movies, music, books, life
Zilredloh - new blog by Felix @ Avoision's wife, Liz, who is crafty and awesome

(Photo via Etsy Shop SunnyLaneBoutique)


  1. Thank you for the blog nod! I appreciate it! I am excited to see where your 2011 list takes you!

  2. No problem! I always like to spread the word about blogs I enjoy. : O )

  3. Thanks for the shout out and I've got you on my Google reader! ;)

  4. Hello lovely lady, it's the half-breed Swede! :) I've loved you long time. Plus I know of another Brit who reads this regularly...I've told her to comment you so we'll see if she does. Big love xxx

  5. Hey, thanks for mentioning me :) (I like the drawing a lot!)


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