Dance, Dance, Dance

How about a little Friday dance, peeps?

My friend is getting married at this venue in August. I wish I was more psyched about the wedding, but at least the place looks cool, no?

If this is how you dress when traveling to Portland, then I guess I best get booking that trip. Fashion that is so right up your alley if you love plaid, relaxed, badass style.

Really digging this rustic driftwood lamp.

It's a nice day for a white wedding (inspiration post).

I wish I wasn't so busy with my real job, I'd apply for this job at Ruffled. I'm good at coordinating stuff.

Valentine's baking inspiration. That's right, the dreaded V-day is coming up!

I love you guys like A.P. loves insurance! Or your own nerdy version.

Finally, even though this is totally fake, wouldn't it be so sweet to take a little camping honeymoon? Tec Petaja shot this dreamy bit of honeymoon inspiration. If you're like me, you'll use this to while away the snowy hours this weekend.

Have a great weekend, folks!

(Black and White Sock Photo via Bleue Bird, Honeymoon Getaway Photos via Tec Petaja)


  1. That camping honeymoon only glamorous because those people are beautiful ;)

    But it would be nice!

  2. The people are beautiful, but honestly, I'm more in love with the cute camper! Lol...you can see where my priorities are.

  3. Yup that is pretty much how we dress in P-Town.

  4. Then perhaps I should move there, because that is totally how I like to dress. Boyish, tough, and plaid, but you know...sexy girl boyish, tough, and plaid. : O )


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