Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Hair

I've always heard the rule of thumb for wedding hair is to wear it the way you normally wear it, but a bit fancier. So, for instance, if you wear your hair down most days, wear it down on your big day. This way, you'll look more natural in your photos. I typically wear my hair down, so for my own big day, I fancied it up a bit, but otherwise it stayed down. So many people, however, seem to wear their hair up. And in such elaborate, beautiful ways!

How will/did you wear your hair? Is hair important to you? It wasn't terribly important to me...I just wanted it to look nice and stay neat. : )

Here's five beautiful updos I wish I could have rocked on my wedding day. These would also do the trick for holiday parties since 'tis the season!

(Updo with Flower via here; Side Chignon via here; Nape Twist via here; Headband via here; Braid Crown via here)

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