Wedding Wednesday: To Trash or Not to Trash? That Is the Question.

When I first heard of trash the dress shoots, I'm pretty sure my mouth fell agape and I was completely shocked that anybody would spend a ton of money just to trash a dress you spent a ton of money on. To me, that's just bananas.

Take this bride, for instance. She didn't even get good photographs from her first wedding, so for her anniversary, she hired Color Me Rad to do a trash the dress shoot. And how did she trash her dress? She had her kids throw paint on her dress!! Guys, there are brain bits all over my computer screen right now because my head just exploded! I'd lose my mind if my kids got paint all over my dress, let alone pay someone to document it! To each their own, indeed!

Yet, so many brides do it! So many brides jump in a lake, get dirty, or grunge up their gowns by rolling around cityscapes! So, spill the beans! Would you/did you trash your dress? Do you like the trash the dress shoots? Or are you like me and you cringe every time you see one?

(Susan's Trash the Dress Photographed by Color Me Rad via Rock N'Roll Bride)

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  1. Hah. Okay, I totally love TTD shoots. I might be a little biased because I'm a photographer, but still. Also, you can 'trash' your dress without actually ruining it- most of them (paint nonwithstanding)- end up with a dress that is dry-cleanable and can be restored to looking like new. A lot of brides just choose to go somewhere they may not have been comfortable taking their dress to before the wedding, like a barn or field or river.

    I was so sad when I realized my dress didn't fit me anymore (about two seconds after the wedding- it BARELY zipped the day of, after all) to do a TTD... so I had someone else wear it and trash it and I photographed it. :P

    (My dress looks totally great after cleaning it, too!)


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