We Need a Vacation

This month alone, we've had three family members have health problems, one of which required hospitalization. A.P. and I have both been overworked and underpaid. I've also been saving like a madwoman this year, which means I'm broke. It's worth it, though. I met my personal savings goal for the year, am still contributing to our joint savings (aka our down payment money), and paid off my credit card. That ain't bad! BUT...what that means is that we only spent money on necessary travel this year: trips to Florida to visit family, a wedding in New York, etc. The only vacation we've taken all year was camping in Leland, which was nice, but not super relaxing. On my list for 2011, I wrote that I wanted to travel somewhere exotic. It's looking like that is not going to happen this year. Soooo...instead I'm left to daydream. And since budget is never an issue when it comes to daydream vacationing, I'm choosing to go to The Maldives. Won't you join me on this much needed vacation???

Plus, remember this?

(Ayada Maldives Photos via Adelto)

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